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Just Takes 2™ – Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 1

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Just Takes 2 – The Benjamin Biggs Quilt

Today is the start of the Just Takes 2 Benjamin Biggs quilt. I hope you’ll join Brenda and me for this journey. She has the first block for you. The link to her Just Takes 2 page is at the bottom. You’ll be able to download the pattern for FREE for one month. It will then be retired to the Online Store at Sentimental Stitches where you can purchase any of the blocks you missed.

There’s lots of places to share things with each other, post pictures of your blocks and get help if you have any questions. The Just Takes 2 blog site hasn’t been fully updated yet but there is a Basic Information Page for the quilt. It has the fabric requirements, block schedule and other information you may find helpful. You can always email us if you have questions.

If you’d like to add a special Just Takes 2 button to your own blog for the Benjamin Biggs quilt you can get the code below –

Just Takes 2


There are Yahoo Group for Just Takes 2. There’s also a Facebook Group we hope you’ll sign up to share your progress and stay in touch with each other while making your quilt. You can get to the Just Takes 2 Facebook group by clicking HERE . You can sign up for the Yahoo Group by clicking – HERE
Do you remember the great blog that was created for my Beyond The Cherry Trees quilt? They’ve set up a blog just like it for the Benjamin Biggs quilt. You can visit the blog by clicking – HERE. I know with the Cherry Trees quilt there were some stunning blocks to see so you don’t want to miss being part of the fun!
I’ll be updating the Just Takes 2 page at Sentimental Stitches so on the first of the month you can always find where to get your block and get to the store page for retired blocks too.

Benjamin Biggs Block 1

Just Takes 2 – The Benjamin Biggs – Quilt Block 1

Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 1 – Click here to visit Dear Jane



  1. Just wondering what the official nick name for the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt is going to be?

  2. I have just found this site & am interested in this quilt but I can not see how to download the pattern on either site. I am obviously missing something!

  3. I got the pattern for Block #2 from Sentimental Stitches. Has the Bock #1 been taken off & retired already?

  4. I would love to make the Benjamin Biggs quilt but am unable to figure out how to get the patterns.

    • Hi Deanna,

      You can get to the current block at either Dear Jane or Sentimental Stitches from THIS PAGE. There’s lots of information in THIS POST about the quilt, Facebook group, Yahoo Group, etc.

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