1857 Album Quilt – Blocks 56 – 57 – 58


It's a three block day today for the first day May. I'm a pretty big fan of all of today's blocks. They're not too difficult but each one is unique in both design and style. There's always something to keep us interested in this fantastic quilt.

I'm heading to the cottage this week to turn on the water for the season and get the hummingbird feeder out. I don't think the cherry trees will be in bloom yet but I'm hoping for some trillium in the woods.


Block 56


This adorable block is signed by Julia Jones in tiny cross stitches.

Check out the petals around the center circle. The papers Julia used to prepare her petals are still there. It took every ounce of willpower I could muster not to take a pair of tweezers and pull out a few of those papers just to see what they say!

 Block 57


The fantastic block was made by R.A. Brink.

There are so many amazing details in this block I don't know where to begin. We've got some cute chain stitched little feet on this eagle.

The outside edges of the eagle are are embellished with more chain stitch embroidery.
The crest on the eagle really puzzles me. I don't understand the large stitches in the very light colored thread. Did someone just baste those in to define what was the original crest? The embroidery on it is done in a red and blue chain stitch. I've given what I believe to be the outline on the pattern and also where it was divided into stripes. It's so cool!

The eagle's eye appears to have been embroidered in red. Check out the star banner! I first thought it was missing the fabric but by looking closely at the threads you can see it was embroidered on the very outside with blue chain stitch embroidery.

There was a second row of chain stitch right next inside of the blue worked in red and the lettering was also embroidered in red. I can't wait to see your versions of this block!

 Block 58


This block was made by Aunt Martha.

Pick a great yellow and green - add the red embroidery details. You'll have this  block done in no time at all!

I think that's it for today. We're on the home stretch here so I'm thinking about what project to do next. Watch the newsletter -- I may send out a survey to see what sounds good to everyone. I'm thinking we may need a break from all the applique but I have another fantastic quilt waiting in the wings and...........I haven't had time to design anything of my own to share in a long time either so there's lots to think about. My goal is to share something that will make you excited about your quilting each and every day!


The 1857 Album Quilt - Block Set 17


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1857 Album Quilt – Blocks 52 – 53 – 54 – 55


It felt a little bit like spring today. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy much of it. I spent most of the day going back and forth with our cable tv provider trying to get a new cable box activated in the garage for my hubby. By 4 this afternoon I felt like that was under control but when I went to fix dinner I discovered they had turned off the service in the kitchen! After dinner I spent another hour or two going back and forth with them getting that turned back on. I'm not a fan of our provider!!!! Considering it's late in the day today before I'm getting your blocks posted I guess I'm not much more dependable than they are!

I've got four blocks for you today and they really are a fun group so let's get right to it!

Block 52

This block was made by Celia

I hope you can see this block was constructed by appliqueing small segments of a vine like print in a circle.

If you haven't found a fabric for this block yet, here's one I'm considering.

Block 53
The block was made by E. Gowdey. The stitching on the leaves has worn away.

Block 54
This block is signed in tiny cross stitched letters - H B
I tried to tidy this block up a bit. The pattern has templates for the star and triangles in the center section. I was tempted to make a pieced block for the center but decided to stick with the original and applique those shapes.

Block 55
This block has a tiny cross stitch signature too. It's signed simply - A. A.

This flower and leaf diamonds of this block were pieced together first and then the shape was appliqued to the block. I've followed this same technique in my instructions.

I really like this group of blocks and can't wait to see what you do with yours. If anyone finds great broderie perse fabric for Block 52, please share it with the rest of us. I'm always on the lookout for fabric!


The 1857 Album Quilt - Block Set 16


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1857 Album Quilt – Blocks 49 – 50 – 51


It's the first day of March and everywhere I look there is snow, snow and more snow. Things looked very different last week when it was 60 degrees.

We set a record for the warmest day ever in the month of February!

My time away from the office has left me behind in almost everything I'm responsible for. It didn't help when the external hard drive where I store all my pictures and pattern files decided it no longer wanted to work. I have a back up system that backs up files automatically twice a day but somehow that cute little external drive wasn't on the list so............... I'm waiting and praying the files can be retrieved. All of this meant I had to come up with something pretty quick for today's blocks.

Block 49


There was a pretty cluster of grapes that has completely disappeared except for the remnants of where the stitching was.

The block is signed by W. L. LaRoche.

The reverse applique at the end of this stem is amazing.

The details of the stem being sewn in two sections is worth noticing. The tendrils are finely embroidered in a tiny chain stitch. The quilter who made this block also embroidered veins in the leaves. This block looks simple but will take some time to complete.

Block 50


Some of the essentials you'd need to set up housekeeping. This block is signed by Willy. It's nice to have some simple blocks to balance the more complex ones.

Block 51


This block is a real treasure. It is signed by E. LaRoche. Be sure to take note of all the fine details included. It's obvious both of the LaRoche blocks were made by seasoned quilters.

The bow is made in four pieces and there are several tiny embroidered stems in the blocks.

This flower is partially gone. The fabric on the top part looks like it may have been silk. There was delicate inking on all of the petals.

You can see lots of embroidery accents on these two flower buds.

The butterfly is beautiful. The dark blue fabric also looks like silk. Be sure to note on the pattern, there was embroidery on the larger green leaves that has worn away. Take your time and enjoy this one. It'll be well worth the effort.

It won't be long until we take on a couple of broderie perse blocks.
You'll need a fabric with three leaf clusters.

And another one that has small vine sections. Check your stash and make a visit to your local quilt shop to see what you can find.


The 1857 Album Quilt - Block Set 15


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