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I pray this finds everyone staying healthy.  Last month I said I'd see you all on April 1st but a great majority of the United States is under stay at home orders because of the Covid-19 virus. A little while ago our governor said it's unlikely the children in Michigan will be going back to school this year. I not only think of the children's loss of education but feel great sadness for the preschool, kindergarten and high school graduations that will be missed. No prom? No cap and gown? This is truly a challenging time.

It was suggested by one of the talented quilters in our Cheddarback Facebook group that it would be nice to have the rest of our quilt's blocks early so you could focus on finishing up your quilt. A couple of days ago I posted them all in the online store. Here's a wrap up of our final blocks - 

Block 59

This is an easy and classic block. It can be rotary cut and machine pieced. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the black background but in looking at the entire quilt, it looks like an anchor block for that lower corner of the quilt. Depending on the layout you've selected you may want to lighten the background a little to a gray perhaps?

Block 60

Wow! There's a lot going on in this block. It's almost like our quilter was trying to use up everything she had left in this one. I sure would have made different fabric selections but I'm usually too anal about my choices so I applaud her free spirit.  If I could find yards and yards of those black and pink prints I'd be a happy quilter! It's a nine patch block so you'll have to foundation paper piece it.


Block 61

We've seen these fabrics before in blocks and there's our cornerstone fabric again. This block has a couple of templates and rotary cutting directions. You shouldn't have any problems with this one.


Block 62

Isn't this an amazing block? I have to admit, I worked on this one a long time before I figured out what our quilter did. She was pretty smart! To get this wonderful look, you're going to make the block larger than you need it to be and then trim some off around the outside edge leaving just your 1/4" seam allowance. Trust me, it's not as hard as it sounds. Be sure to take a look at the wonderful job she did matching the red and white stripes so you can hardly tell she did it.

Block 63

This block is a substitute for one of the alphabet blocks. It's rotary cut and machine pieced. It's a great star block!

Block 64

The layout I provided when we started the quilt was more symmetrical than the antique quilt so this block would be used as the large block at the bottom right corner of the quilt. It's rotary cut and machine pieced. 


Block 65

This block is actually the background for the letter D block in the bottom row - I just left the letter out. With the right fabrics, it's still a pretty block and one you'll have together in no time at all.


Block 66 

What a sweet little block. I'll take a few yards of these fabrics too. It makes me crazy that we have foundation paper piece a block this easy but the math just doesn't work out. 

Block 67

Here's an Ohio Star block with so many different fabrics in it you almost lose the look of a star. It's another nine patch block so we have more foundation paper piecing. The accuracy is worth the extra time and trouble even if you're not a fan of the technique.


Block 68

This crazy little block will make up for all the foundation paper piecing you've been doing. Eight flying geese units with the colors in the right places and you're done. This is actually the last of the vintage blocks from the quilt. Once again, look at how our quilter took the time to have the small plaid triangles on the straight of grain and the larger ones on the bias. 





Filler Blocks

These four blocks are what I'm calling Filler Blocks. If you're making the quilt following the layout I gave you when we started the quilt (rather than the antique quilt) you'll need these block patterns to have enough blocks to complete your quilt. 

I can't close without expressing a truly heartfelt thank you to everyone who has participated in making this quilt. As of today, there are almost 900 members in the Cheddarback Facebook Groupand I continue to add people every day.  A total of 11,456 patterns have been downloaded so far and that just blows my mind. I am honored and humbled beyond words.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of the Sentimental Stitches family of quilters.



Cheddarback - Month 14 - Month 15 - Filler Block Patterns - CLICK HERE



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You are My Sunshine – March 23


It's the start of another week. I hope you had a great weekend and were able to sew all day long on Saturday to celebrate worldwide quilting day. I sure saw lots of posts on Facebook of quilts being made, stitch alongs taking place and just everyone have a pretty good time while we continue to hunker down at home.

Michigan now has a a stay at home order and my husband's company has closed. He won't be working for the next 3 weeks. I sure hope all these measures of mitigation do the trick or it might be a long summer.

I included this little fox in today's newsletter. It seemed especially appropriate after trying to order groceries over the last few days. It took two days to get a delivery date and then when they were shopping, there were more things they were out of than I can even remember not to mention no toilet paper or paper towel. I didn't hoard anything sooooooooo it'll be interesting to see if I'm able to order either of those things on my order at the end of the week. We'll be out of both by then. 

This was the view out my window this morning. I think it was winter's last hurrah, at least that's my hope. Thankfully it's all melted now. I printed Easter eggs and rainbows for the front windows after lunch today. The neighborhood is putting them in the front windows like we did shamrocks last week so when parents take their children for a walk they can count them as they go along. Kind of a treasure hunt and a way to practice counting too. 

These two silly gooses have been wrestling while I've been working. Don't you love Gracie's stink eye look when I asked them to stop for a minute to get a picture. They are loving all this together time.

The Giant Dahlia Quilt - FREE PATTERN

This is today's free pattern. It's a wonderful Giant Dahlia design from the 1930s. It was originally published by Home Art Studio in the 1930s and finished at 84 x 84 inches. I've always wanted to make one, even if I have to hand piece it. I hope you'll add this to your library. You can always print the pattern at 50% and just make a wall quilt.

I'll be back soon with another ray of sunshine. Don't forget to use the coupon code: SUNSHINE in the online store for free shipping. 


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Worldwide Quilting Day 2020


Wow! I never imagined the world would be where it is when Worldwide Quilting Day rolled around. It's always such a fun weekend with shops and guilds buzzing with events. This year so many are just trying to hang on to their health, jobs and a positive attitude.

I'll admit, I'm going to finish this post for you and then I'm going to turn off the world as best I can and do a deep dive into my sewing room for some textile therapy.

A newsletter went out this morning with a link to a today's free pattern for Stars & Rails.  It's a simple design that's pretty quick to sew together for a nice lap size quilt. 


 Swap the black and pink for blue and red to make a fun patriotic quilt. It finished at 51" x 70". I'm going to cut all my rail pieces and put those blocks together in between the seams of another quilt like one of Bonnie Hunter's leader-ender projects. You'll have them together in no time at all.  

All digital patterns are 30% off today. You just need to enter the coupon code: WWQD20 during checkout. 


When I'm working, this is my view over the top of the laptop. Not very exciting but it keeps things in perspective for me when I am getting tired. It got me to thinking about what will we all be looking at over the sewing machine when we spend hours sitting there over the next few weeks. How about with applique, embroidery or knitting in our hands?  Do you look outside? Are you watching television? Listening to music?

The view out my sewing room  window is still a bit gray right. I usually have music or a favorite television show on in the background and that'll do for a while but if this goes on for several weeks I'm heading north.

I'm more than ready to have this be the view out my window - tall grass, weeds and all! If it has to wait,  I think we, me included, need to remind ourselves of the beauty all around us each day.  Take a walk in your yard when the weather permits. Think about planting a few seeds for flowers. Look through your fabric stash! Each time I organize and refold a little I'm shocked at the beautiful fabrics I'm lucky to have. Call or text a friend. With a positive attitude the time will pass quickly. 

Okay, that's it for today. I'm off getting off my soapbox and going to sew. I'll be back on Monday. Have a great Worldwide Quilting Day  and a great weekend.

The You are My Sunshine program list is below in case you haven't seen it yet. 


You are My Sunshine


  • I'll be sending you an email with a free pattern several times a week.

  • I'll be doing extra blog posts with a tutorial or another free pattern. I'll also let you know what Lily, Gracie  and the rest of the family are up to.
  • I'm offering free shipping on all domestic orders. Use the coupon code: SUNSHINE
  • Bring as many new patterns from individual designers as possible rather than from distributors. Independent designers need our support too.
  •  20% off digital patterns of $5 or more
  • Special orders accepted. If there's something you need and can't get it with a drive up service at your local quilt shop, let me know. I can usually get things within a couple of days and am happy to help out. Just email me with what you're looking for. 10% off on Special Orders.
  • I'll be de-stashing many of my books and fabric so be sure to check the Books and Fabric sections in the online store frequently.
  • Check out the quilts at $5 BOM. There are some great projects you can get started on right away if you're looking for something new.


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