Ella Maria Deacon Quilt – Month 18


There's a big snowstorm coming across most of the United States which makes it the perfect time to tackle some challenging quilt blocks.

Block 69

attributed to: Mary Deacon / 1841

You'll want to piece your little Dresden Plate before appliqueing it to the background square. This is a sweet blocks!

Block 70

attributed to: M A Buzby 1841

Use the templates to piece your ring of diamonds and then applique to the background square.

Block 71

attributed to: William Deacon

There's a full size block illustration if you want to make templates to machine or hand piece the block. A foundation pattern is also included for this block.

Block 72

attributed to: Wm C Snyder / April 1842

This block is going to be a challenge. There's a full size drawing for you to make templates. Take your time and I'd recommend piecing this one by hand and then applique the pieced circle to the background square.

Ella Maria Deacon Quilt - Month 18

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Ella Maria Deacon Quilt – Month 17


It's a new year and we're going to be finishing up the Ella Maria Deacon Quilt during this year. Today I have four more blocks for you.

Block 65

Attributed to: Abigail S Coles / N Jersey

This block is interesting with it's angular ribbons. I'm not used to seeing them with squared off corners.

Block 66

Attributed to: S.W.Coles

There's a lot going on in this block and it was fun to draft. I think you'll enjoy working on it.

Block 67

Attributed to: 4 Mo 14th 1842 / Richard Buzby

This one is a simple, classic block!

Block 68

Attributed to: Elizabeth B Deacon / 1842

Isn't this a fun block? The flowers will be a joy to stitch. The rounds stars in the corners.................not so much. Take your time. This simple block is worth the effort.

Ella Maria Deacon Quilt - Month 17

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Ella Maria Deacon Quilt – Month 16


Hello to all the Ella Maria Deacon quilters! I've got a great mix of blocks for you this month. I think you'll enjoy the mix of patchwork and applique. Let's take a look at them.

Block 61

attributed to: William D Coles

What a great pieced block! We have templates for this block. Remember to add your seam allowance to the fabric when cutting your pieces and it should go together quilt easy.

Block 62

attributed to: Ruth Anns Buzby / Rancocas

Does this one look familiar? You've made one of these before. I didn't realize there were two of these in the quilt. With so many blocks I guess I just missed seeing it.

Block 63

attributed to: Ann Reeves

This has to be one of my favorite blocks in the quilt. Maybe it's the fabrics but I think the design is just beautiful and so unique. It's a variation on an orange peel block. This one will take you some time but it's work the work. You could applique the yellow and red in the center as squashed circles starting with the yellow on the bottom, followed by the red, and then add the blue petals. Hopefully, that's clearer than mud and you understand what I mean.

Block 64

attributed to: Ella Maria Deacon / 1842

Here it is! This is the block that would be on the center of the bed just below the pillows. It's Ella Maria's block and just like the complexity of the quilt, this block is filled with challenges. I've provided templates and also a full-size drawing. I'd suggest piecing the ring of red diamonds and background triangles in a circle. Applique to your background square followed by the applique of the center, green circle. Finish with the background flower petal in the center.

That's it for this month's blocks but I want to share with you some of what will be starting during the first couple of months of 2021.

Starting January 1

Little Blocks 365

These little gems are going to be so much fun. Use your 1930s fabrics left from making the 3030 Quilt or pull out your reproduction prints. How about using solid colors? I've considered Moda's Grunge fabrics for this one. We both have a few weeks to decide and other than your background fabric, scraps will do! 

  •  365 different 3" foundation paper pieced quilt blocks so all our points are perfect!
  • For 52 weeks
  • 74" x 87" quilt
  • Receive 7 foundation paper pieced patchwork block patterns via email each Friday.  You can work on them over the weekend or make one each day!
  • The border might just include some applique!
  • One time fee
  • Receive your first 7 blocks on January 1 (Supply list emailed after sign up)

Sign up here before December 31st so you don't miss your first blocks!

Heartfelt Block of the Week

Starting February 12

If you loved (or missed out on) the 3030 Quilt in 2020 you'll want to join me in making the Heartfelt Block of the Week Quilt!

Sign up to make this classic quilt inspired by a circa 1860 antique quilt. Almost all of the blocks are pieced but I'm adding a touch of applique now and then.

The antique quilt was indigo blue and white but my heart sang when I saw the upcoming Roselyn fabric collection by Minnick and Simpson. I'll be using those fabrics to make my quilt and am starting with a fat quarter bundle.

Don't worry if red and white isn't your style because I designed this quilt so everyone can use their favorite fabrics to create a Heartfelt quilt in a style all their own! Reproductions - 1930s - Scrappy - Tula Pink or Kaffe - they'll all work!

  • 30 different quilt blocks
  • For 30 weeks
  • 85" x 105" quilt
  • Receive a patchwork or applique block pattern via email each Friday
  • One time fee
  • Receive your first block Feb 12 (Supply List emailed after sign up)
  • We'll be sharing our progress in the Sentimental Stitchers Facebook Group

Sign up here to make the Heartfelt Block of the Week

Ella Maria Deacon Quilt - Month 16

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