Ella Maria Deacon Quilt – Month 6


I'm excited about this month's blocks because we're far enough into the quilt that you can only guess which blocks I'm going to present. It's always a difficult decision for me because there are so many wonderful designs to choose from. I think you're going to like February's blocks. There's a nice mix of patchwork, applique, broderie perse and degrees of difficulty.  I'm so far behind on my blocks that I've become a pattern collector on this project, at least for a while. Let's jump right into the blocks.

Block 21

attributed to - Eliza C Rogers / Mount Holly / 1842

I could make an entire quilt using this block. It's all rotary cut and machine pieced. It would be a great "leader/ender" project in any two color combination you'd like.

Block 22

Attributed to - Charles Kemble / Philadelphia

This one will take you a while! I can't wait to see how everyone decides to construct that ring of petals. You could make a single template and sew them together like a dresden plate and then applique it to the background. You could make a swoopy flower shape of just the yellow petals so it's like a flower and then applique only the red wedges onto it before applying to the background or..................I know the Facebook Group is going to be filled with suggestions! No matter what technique you decide on this block is a beauty.

Block 23

Attributed to - Va___ Reeves / Mount Holly / 1842

This one is a fun combination of patchwork and applique. At least that's how I presented it. If you'd rather, you can applique the triangles to the background square. It's your quilt so use the technique you prefer and add some pretty broderie perse applique to the center.

Block 24

Attributed to - 4 Mo 14th 1842 / Albert(a?) Haines

Wow! Just the attribution makes us stop and think about this block. What an unusual way to pen the date of April 14, 1842! On top of that we have to wonder if the block was attributed Albert Haines or made by Alberta. So many mysteries and you'll have plenty of time to think about this one. It doesn't look complicated but you've got four, diamond petal flowers to applique and those point are going to be tricky. The side and corner triangles are appliqued on this block and the double pink flower is as sweet as can be. 

If you're behind in your blocks, having trouble finding the right fabrics or just finding out about this quilt,  you should check out the upcoming offering for the Ella Maria Deacon Quilt at Homestead Hearth.          We're working together so quilters have the option to sign up to receive fabric kits for each block in the quilt. All of the details should be available soon!  Everyone will still get their patterns here but if you don't have a stash of fabrics to work from, this would be a great way join in and make the quilt. If you're like me, sometimes it's more fun to collect those pretty packets of fabric so they're ready and waiting when I want to stitch.  When their program starts,  we'll both have something available for quilters new to the quilt so they can "catch up" and then everyone will be stitching the same blocks as I present them. More information to come! 


Until next month.....................


Ella Maria Deacon Quilt - Month 6




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Cheddarback Block of the Month – Month 12


Hello everyone! I'm in Shipshewana, Indiana this week hosting the quilt retreat. It's the Pajama Sale throughout the entire town tomorrow so I'm posting this month's patterns early. The shopping is too good to pass up although I'm not sure I'll be up at 6 am for some of the best deals. Let's get right to our Cheddarback blocks!

I've got to tell you - it's not very often I encounter a block where I finally gave up trying to draft it and go with a simplified version. The graphic designer wasn't available so if there's someone out there who wants to give this block a try I'll be the first person to encourage you. The pattern is called The Venetian and I opted to use the version from BlockBase.

Block 49

The fabrics used are the same red as the sashing fabric and a textured blue shirt stripe. It's a pretty block but I'm happy with the simplified version.

Block 50

An easy block but you'll have to foundation paper piece this one because of the math. It's just three strips so it shouldn't give you much trouble. The fabrics are a pretty brown print, a blue and white shirting and............the same textured blue used in Block 49. This makes me wonder if the group of block was made by our quilter at nearly the same time. 

Block 51

Don't cry but this is another foundation paper pieced block. It's all in one piece and I've given you cutting measurements. 

I love the pink print and the brown print. They're both classics I wish I had yards and yards of.

Block 52

Here's our first rotary cut machine pieced block this month!!! As much as I love basket blocks, this one is not the prettiest I've ever seen. The little 1" half square triangles are cute and I love the print print but the green stripe seems to overpower the small pieces in my humble opinion. 

Block 53

Our last block is your easy, peasy, rotary cut, machine pieced block of the month. The fabrics are the same as those in Block 50 which is another reason I think this group of blocks were made at almost the same time.


That's it for February!



Click on the link below to head over to the online store and get your blocks.


Cheddarback - Month 12 Patterns - CLICK HERE

Optional Block 49 Templates for Hand or Machine Piecing - CLICK HERE


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Ella Maria Deacon Quilt – Month 5


We're two weeks into 2020! How is the new year going for you? I'm making slow but steady progress in getting over the nasty bug that invaded my body just after Thanksgiving. I'll admit it's slowed me down a bit but another visit to the doctor yesterday assured me I'm on the mend. I am more than ready to be rid of this! 

Some of last month's blocks were a bit challenging so I tried to take it easy on you this month. I think we need a "breather" month so I selected blocks that aren't too difficult or time consuming. Let's get the new year going!

Block 17

Sweet dream that winds through yonder glade, Apt emblem of a virtuous maid --

Silent, and chaste she steals along, far from the worlds busy throng;

With gentle yet prevailing forces intent upon her (siestinad?) course

Graceful and useful all she does, blessing and blissful where o'er she goes;

Pure bosomed as that watery glass and heaven reflected in her face

Mount Holly 1842

This block is a classic applique and uses the same red print throughout the block. There's nothing extra I need to tell you about this one.

Block 18

attributed to - Sarapta(?) Wills

Mount Holly 1842

You'd think this block could easily be rotary cut and machine pieced but in the end I decided against it. The measurements were just too challenging so I went with a foundation pattern. I've given you cutting measurements for the pieces so I know you'll have it together in a jiffy.

Block 19

attributed to - Samuel J Deacon / 1842

It's a petal month! I could make an entire quilt of these blocks. They're easy to applique and you can arrange them in a miriad of ways. This block uses red, green and brown prints. 

Block 20

attributed to - Ann R Coles

What can I say?? More petals and I adore this block too. The pieced section is easily rotary cut and machine pieced. Applique the red petals in the center and you've got this one ready to go. 

I'm giving you fair warning............next month we'll be doing some major applique. I know you'll be ready. Keep posting your blocks in the Facebook Group. We all love seeing everyone's quilt come together. 

I'm heading out at the end of next week for the Shipshewana Quilt Retreat and Pajama Sale.  Registration is closed for this retreat and the April retreat is already sold out. I've added a retreat in August while the Antique Festival takes place and hope you can join us and discover the charm of Shipshe for yourself! 

I'm looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new ones and sleeping all night long without taking a puppy out to go potty. It wasn't too bad when the weather was warmer but now that we have snow and cold I'm glad she's just about making it through the night. Gracie weighs 3.25 pounds now and is a little spitfire. She and Lily are becoming great friends and they keep me on my toes.

Until next month.....................


Ella Maria Deacon Quilt - Month 5



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