Shipshewana Day 4


It's well after midnight and I'm just beginning this post. I'm pretty tired so it might be short and sweet. The cool, damp, dreary weather is hanging on. I changed some of the settings on my camera and I'm not too happy with the results so I'll try something different tomorrow. I also noticed that today was the day for power lines. They seemed to pop up in several shots. Drat!

127 764

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The Farmstead Inn is getting to be a large collection of buildings when viewed from across the street. An Amish buggy was going past when I took the picture. That's as close as you'll get to an Amish photo from me. Because of their religion, the Amish do not pose for photographs. I spent a lot of time with Amish families in my twenties and remember Oma's advise on taking pictures. If it's part of a scenic picture it's okay but we never take photos or have our pictures taken. Friday is a big shopping day for the Amish in Shipshewana. There were several buggies tied up next to Yoder's Department Store.

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Yesterday I said there would be pictures of my stitching today. The best I can do today is show you what my swap blocks look like. I made 16 blocks since I arrived and we're swapping tomorrow. I'll post a picture of all the different ones tomorrow night and hopefully I'll have made progress on a few other blocks too. I'm working on some Midgets.

127 761

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These are the two main streets in town. The photo on the left is looking down Harrison St. and the one on the right is of Morton St. Both streets are lined with unique shops that offer so many tempting things.

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127 820

I didn't have the best view in the room for Show & Tell tonight but it was better than our friend Caroline. She couldn't attend the retreat this Spring so Kim was kind enough to hold up her laptop with a web cam so Caroline could watch from Belgium. Pretty cool huh?
I spent two days on one side of our room and now I've moved to the other side for a different view. See that little coffee mug in the lower left corner? That's my stitching station until Sunday. Tomorrow the machine will be humming. I'm off to bed.

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