It’s Freaky Friday in Shipshewana


I can tell it's "freaky friday" around here. We're all at the point where we wish we could turn back the hands of time to Wednesday and start all over again but knowing we can't do that, we're running around like wild women. Bolts flying off the shelves, carts roaring around Lolly's and Yoder Department Store, making list after list of all the things we MUST get and places we HAVE to visit. You should see my list!!! This post is going to be short, sweet and to the point. If I've answered your emails with minimal words it's because I'm sitting here with my heart racing, looking at the clock (it's 11:15am) and wondering why I stayed up until after 2 am last night!

My 3" blocks are finished and I'm actually quite happy with them. I'll get you pictures later and pics of all the swapped blocks. Claire is bringing in an old Quilter's Newsletter Magazine with setting ideas for little blocks.

I haven't touched the lazy susan or the schlep stuff but I'll put aside my quilt things and do those today as soon as I'm finished with my mad dash through town and jaunt over to Middlebury. Pincushions may have to wait until I get home. I thought for sure I could get the ribbon I wanted to use at Yoder's but they don't have it and I'm sure you know what it's like when you have a certain thing in mind.

1110 022

Tomorrow is Chocolate Day all over town. There will be a chocolate fountain on the third floor at the Davis Mercantile and you might just see some chocolate covered faces if we all start sticking our tongue out to let the chocolate just roll on in. Have you seen the tv commercial about the stressed out white who puts her face in the chocolate fountain at a party?

1110 035

I spent most of my time at Lolly's. It's such an inspirational place. I'm still in love with Moda's Shangri-la collection and have decided on a pattern to make a quilt. It's called Scalloped Charm from Black Cat Creations.

1110 036

1110 037

Walking around the store you'll find samples for tons of projects and they offer kits for almost every one. Can't remember the name of the Log Cabin quilt with the flowers.

1110 043

This beautiful star is from Laundry Basket Quilts. There is a pattern, rotary templates and a kit. All reasonably priced. Edyta, the designer, has just come out with her own collection of batik fabrics. Lolly's has them in fat quarter bundles. They are stunning!

1110 044

The fat quarter boat is ready and waiting for me to dive in today. Ahhh, swimming in a sea of fabric. I shall enjoy!

1110 038
1110 041

The quilt hanging above the boat is from Laundry Basket too.

Can't remember the name of this quilt but it's a pretty and colorful one.

1110 045

One of my favorites is Shipshewana Blessings from my friends Janis Nelson and Edith Shanholt. They are two of the most talented ladies I know. You can order the book for the quilt or a kit from them off their web site.

1110 046

Yesterday I told you about Carolyn's Creative Designs. Here's a couple more of her patterns that Lolly's has kits for too.

1110 047

1110 048

1110 056

1110 057

Now this is one of the things Janes do best while we're here. We stand around the cutting table together just stacking up the bolts for the clerks to cut.

1110 051

We are missing a couple of other notable ladies. Sue Ellenberger (SheWho) we miss you and wish you continued speedy healing. We also miss our dear friend Rosemary Youngs. She's accompanying her son to three doctor's visits today so our prayers are going out to them. Rosemary is the author of The Civil War Diary book and the new Civil War Love Letters. They are beautiful, information filled books.

1110 050

Here's Lolly's wall of quilts at the home store.

1110 027

1110 030

1110 032

1110 023

1110 025

The beautiful Primitive Blessings quilt is made from a combination of cotton and wool. They have the book and a complete kit for the quilt.

This tree is the centerpost of the Mercantile. It's HUGE and goes up all the stories right through the middle of the staircase.

1110 034

Back at the retreat, a photo of my fantastic tablemates. We do have a good time. We're all working on different things.

1110 060

The cut 25-Patch blocks are projects of Vicki and LuAnn. I haven't been sucked in to that one yet.

1110 079

The tiny nine patch block are Teresa's. I can't tell you how many of us are hooked on these little gems. They are only 1 1/2" finished blocks. We have a group over at YahooGroups called Nine Patch Nuts. I didn't bring mine this time but might manage to stitch a few from scraps anyway.

1110 078

Okay ladies, I've been at this for 45 minutes and am ready to fly out the door. Have a great day and I check in with you later.

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