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It's been 37 days since I've written to you. I don't know where the time goes!

You missed the trees falling on the outhouse. It already had its own unique tilt and the two trees have surely added to it. We had some 50 mph winds with a snowstorm and it was just too much for some of the trees.

Outhouse 010

You also missed a couple of big snowstorms. I had drifts over two feet long hanging from the overhang on the house. Check the Flickr album if you want to see more of the snow photos.

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I hope 2008 is getting off to a great start and you've been able to find time for stitching on a favorite project. I've spent the last few weeks looking forward. I suppose we all think of the things we'd like to accomplish during the coming year and the list for Sentimental Stitches is a long one.

You may have noticed a couple of new links on the side bar. I've started uploading blocks for the Sally Post Floral Sampler Quilt.

907 161-2

The blocks are unique, the applique isn't too difficult and the size gives you the versatility to use them in a smaller quilt if you don't want to make one like the 84 1/2" original. For this quilt, the blocks will be on the web site for 2 months. After that, you can purchase them in the Online Store.

Did you see the Shipshewana Amish link? This quilt will be a bit of a mystery quilt during 2008. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter, please do that. These blocks may not be posted at the same time every month so I'll be sending a reminder to let you know when a new one is there.

It will be a lap size quilt with a combination of pieced and applique blocks. They won't all be the same size. I'll be using traditional Amish solid color fabrics reflective of the Amish communities in the Midwest section of the United States. Did you know they are different from those who live in Pennsylvania?
I've come to greatly love and respect the Amish (and the English) who call this area home. Each block will reflect something special that has touched my heart and hopefully will touch yours while giving you a better understanding of the community.

00 088
I attended a fun event a couple of weeks ago at one of the local quilt shops. It's called Bee Creative which is appropriate for a shop called Quilt 'n Bee. It was a fun evening and you can see I didn't go away empty handed. They showed some of the new patterns, fabric and notions that just came in, demonstrated new products and techniques (I learned a new way to make purse/tote handles), gave out free patterns and even baked us cookies. All for only $5.

Can you see those darling patterns I bought. The Posy Pin Pie is adorable. It's a pincushion about 6 or 7 inches around. You can make it with the 5" charm squares of fabric. I want to make at least three or four of those. The Pocket Full of Posies was too cute for words. It's a banner style wall quilt with yoyo flowers and everyone knows what a yoyo nut I am. The next Bee Creative is February 28 so if you're not too far away, call the shop and join in the fun. I went to the 6 PM session on my way home from work.

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See this pretty group of fabrics? It's been sitting on my kitchen counter for the last couple of weeks. I pulled them out to make a 1930s bag as I'm revising the instructions for what used to be called the schlep bag. I was going to put embroidery on the light fabrics but then it dawned on me it might be the perfect place for some . Midget Blocks. I haven't gotten very far with that idea but I have been working on instructions. The biggest problem is all the options with this bag. I was writing each step with the options added in as you went along but I may go back and just start with the basic bag and put all the cool tricks on another page where you can pick and choose the ones you want to use. I also want to come up with a name for this new bag/tote. A pattern has been published and uses schlep bag in the name so to avoid confusion I'm thinking about "Triple Treat Tote". I really should just post the pattern, have you all test it and then name it. I might just do that!

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