I Met The Girls


When Clutch and I arrived Thursday night Rob and Kevin were waiting for us. There were warm hugs and kisses along with a lot of face licking, tail wagging and even a little piddling because Clutch was so happy to be home. Paul came over later in the evening making our family complete. His friend Angela was with him so I was able to meet someone I had only heard about through phone calls and text messages.

We had a nice dinner last night. No birthday cake this year, I tried to replicate the Blondie dessert Kevin likes at Applebee's restaurant. I'm sure how well I did considering how much everyone teased me but aside from putting too much sauce on each serving I thought it was pretty darn good.

We were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Kevin's friend Nicole. I hadn't met her yet either so I feel like I hit the jackpot in the last couple of days. Both boys are seeing such nice, beautiful young ladies. I hope they'll both be able to spend time in Traverse City this summer so we can get to know them better.
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