The End of a Bad Hair Day


Why is it that when you run to the grocery store in your pajama top because you ran out of chocolate chips in the middle of baking that someone you haven't seen in years will walk right up to you and say "Hello"?

Yesterday at 5:00 PM, I didn't expect for two nice looking young men to walk in the store and ask me if I minded answering a couple of questions for a story they were working on for Fox News 33 and Channel 9&10 News. Sure I said. We talked for a few minutes and I thought that would be it. I almost choked when one of them then asked if I'd mind talking with them on camera. It's amazing how many panic thoughts can flash through your mind while you're trying to decide if you should say yes or no and not take too long to think about it. My mouth said "yes" before my brain fully processed the fact that, I'd been working all day moving stock, changing window displays, dragging extra stock to the basement, hauling trash to the dumpster and left the house in the morning knowing I was having a bad hair day and a hormonal breakout was developing right on the end of my nose! They were out the door to get their equipment and I looked at Clutch and asked "What have I done"?


I put my 'ladies' jacket back on, found some gold earrings to wear (it's supposed to enhance your skin color) and went for my Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil and Buxom Lip Gloss. They were back so quickly and setting up that combing my hair missed my list. They clipped on the microphone, asked Clutch to join the interview and we were off and taping.

They stayed about 45 minutes and all in all it was nice getting the store's name in the news. I didn't expect to be the lead story that night but we were. We also appeared on their sister station later that night. Don't know if they'll run the story again today but you can see us in action right on the web.

Play the video for the story on the recession and there we are!

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