What started out as a wonderful weekend is snowballing into a series of worries and frustrations. I can’t seem to get the laptop to talk nicely with the wireless network in the house. That really puts a big glitch in posting the motifs, answering emails and filling the orders for retired patterns. The pattern for the 23rd took me 3 hours to complete. Did you notice how light the lines were? The printer ran out of ink. Rob’s desktop is hooked directly to the cable line but doesn’t have the programs on it we need for scanning and writing the pdf files.
My meeting this morning finished on time. I was supposed to drive back to Traverse City after that and planned to straighten out all the computer stuff tonight but was asked to stay another night to attend a care conference in the morning for my Mom who has Alzheimer’s. I was able to arrange for Liz to cover my hours at the shop but now Clutch and I will be driving back into another snowstorm. Arg!!! To top it all off, Clutch was out doing his nightly bunny chase around the back yard and something happened when he came in running up the stairs because we heard him yelp and he’s been kind of out of it ever since. I gave him a baby aspirin but if he’s not better by morning I’ll be taking him to the doctor before or after the meeting for my Mom.
By the way, the care conference is because my Mom was pounding her chest on Friday. The nurse couldn’t tell whether it was her heart or indigestion so she gave her both Mylanta and Nitroglycerin. One of them must have worked because she’s better.
I know I won’t get tomorrow’s pattern posted before evening but here’s a little one for today.

Motifs of March 24

March Block 24

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