Packing, Packing and More Packing


Sadly, the hunters came packing a high powered pellet riffle yesterday afternoon and the two residents have been evicted from the crawl space above the ceiling at the store.

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As sad as it was, I have to admit to laughing when our expert marksman hollered "I got her" followed by "oh, crap" as he dropped down out of the crawl space with his head covered in feathers. He'd missed and the bird dive bombed his head.

It's dawned on me (a little late as usual) that the spring Dear Jane Retreat in Shipshewana is squeezed in right around the time I'm supposed to be moving back to the cottage. The dilemma; do I move the week before I go to Shipshe and do without water for a few days or do I wait until the week after I get back and pay rent for two extra weeks, one of which I'll be gone?
I'm opting for doing without the water so I'm packing things to move, packing things for Shipshe and trying to keep it all straight in my head.

Clutch and I are going over to the cottage in a little while to see if we can budge the 3 foot snow bank at the end of the driveway and get the Jeep in far enough to slide things down the hill on the snow. Better to be sliding them down than pulling them up like I did with the microwave a couple of months back.

There are always lots of great things to share with you while I'm in Shipshewana and I'll do my best to get our Amish Mystery quilt going during that time. I have the first blocks finished, just need to write instructions. I know you're all anxious to get started. Me too!

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