I Want Tulips!


It was sunny and 40 degrees yesterday so Clutch and I went to the cottage and shoveled down through about half of the 3 foot snow bank at the end of the driveway. Boy can I feel that this morning!

I loaded the car last night planning to remove enough of what's left of the snow bank for the Jeep to plow through the rest. It's only in the 30s right now and no sunshine. It's supposed to rain later today so I may have to alter my plans but am running out of time. I think we'll just bundle up and get to it.


After I'd shoveled myself into a hot flash accompanied with heavy breathing, we walked down the hill to the cottage. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I took off my jacket, sat on the deck in the sun and soaked it in. Clutch made the rounds taking in all the smells he missed all winter. The water has melted away about 5 feet from the shoreline which is encouraging. I couldn't find any flowers poking their heads up through the snow so that's why I'm wishing for tulips.

Everything was fine inside and it made me want to get back in there as soon as I can which should help motivate me through the cold weather this morning.

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of the month. Wow!

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