The Grand Finale That Almost Wasn’t


I had a terrible time deciding on what to post for the last day of the March Motifs. I poured through the three ring binders of designs I've collected over the years and finallydecided on a days of the week pattern since we've been doing days of the month.
While scanning them this morning before work I discovered there were only six designs. That's not usually a problem because most days of the week sets don't have a block for Sunday. This set has a little girl singing in church - duh - that's a design for Sunday! Which one was missing and where is it? I think we're missing "Washing on Monday" but by this time it's getting late so I decided we'll just stitch on Mondays until I can find our little girl doing the laundry.
I hate it when things like that happen but after my trip to the cottage yesterday it almost makes sense. After all my shoveling on Saturday and more on Sunday, I started to pull into the driveway and came to a spinning halt.

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It seems the Jeep weighs a little more than Clutch and I do when we're walking and I guess I didn't shovel down far enough. After an hour of dragging snow out from under the Jeep and finally backing out, I decided I was wet, cold and tired so we went back to the house. I think we'll drive over tonight and hope the rain today has washed a bunch of that snow away.

This month has been great fun sharing patterns with you. I hope you've enjoyed it too. I think we should do it again soon.

Motifs of March 31

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