Shipshewana Dear Jane Retreat Spring 2008


I am here and mighty thrilled to say so. The last week since we ended the Motifs of March fun has been a blur. I knew I wanted to be out of the rented house before I left for Shipshe but the weather was not cooperating with me at all. After last weekends shoveling mess.
Monday the drive didn't look too good but I did some more shoveling and prayed for sunshine. Tuesday I thought about giving it a try but chickened out. Wednesday I got brave and forged in only to come to a slipping halt once again. I didn't have snow up to the oil pan so I did the rocking routine and tried to put the Jeep in 4 wheel drive low. That was something I won't try again without lessons. Something about the gears meshing leads me to think I need a little more information on that so I went back to the rocking routine only to slide backward into a TREE! I broke the glass in the mirror on the drivers side and rotated that baby backwards to a position I've never seen. Got the shovel out again! Let me tell you, my back is getting a little sore by now. Friday was my day off and I had to get down the driveway by then so after shoveling myself out again I decided the snow melt I'd brought with me was going down as far as I could spread it.

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On Friday when I got there, I said a prayer and turned in. The good Lord got me through the entrance and down the hill. I backed up to the cottage and nearly burst into tears I was so happy. Clutch and I moved things the rest of the day and after work on Saturday. I wanted to drive to Grand Rapids after work on Sunday so the move would need to be finished by then and the rented house cleaned. I adopted a "drop and run, we'll think about it later" attitude and you can see just what a mess I'll be facing when I get back from the retreat.
000 001

000 003

Right now I can't tell if the things I'm missing down here are back in Grand Rapids or buried somewhere in the cottage.

000 005

000 007

Here's a peek at yesterday's shopping and my stitching. Looks more like cutting doesn't it?

000 009
I have a huge room this time. Very nice but I don't spend much time here.

Now on with the day.

PS. I haven't had much, if any time to anwer questions from your comments or get orders filled on time so if you know the answer to a question please jump in there and help a fellow quilter. To those of you waiting for orders, I hope to look at that tomorrow and see what I can do.

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