Applique in May


Here we are on day 2 of "Applique in May". It's a rather Fall looking block today but it's easy to tell what Sally was trying to represent in her quilt. Looks like oak leaves and the birds flying south to me. Did you notice the placement lines on yesterday's block? They were a wonderful suggestion from one of you. I'll be including them from now on. I really appreciate all of your comments and emails even if I can't answer each one.
Clutch and I are heading back north today. It's sunny and beautiful in Grand Rapids so I'm looking forward to seeing the sunlight sparkle on the lake when we arrive.

This is the 5th block from the quilt. If you're just getting started, Blocks 1-3 are on the Sally Post Floral Sampler quilt page of the web site. If you scroll down, you'll find Block 4 within yesterday's note.

Block 5
Sally Post Floral Sampler Block 5

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