Cheddar Egg Drop


I just love what looks like a cheddar egg dropped right in the middle of the flower on today's block. It gives the block such great charm. Are we looking down inside a tulip? Did they have tulips in 1854? That's too difficult a question for this time of the morning.

The Bop Around The Bay begins today at three local quilt shops. The stores are open until 8 PM so I hope to visit them after work tonight. I'm working all day tomorrow so it's tonight or bust.
I didn't finish my charity block in time to have it voted on at the shop during the Bop but I'm happy with it. Now I wish I had yards and yards of the background fabric I used and a few yards of the pink Cherry Baby fabric wouldn't be bad either. I didn't have my Perfect Circles with me at work when I added the cherries but they didn't turn out too bad just backbasting them.

000 141-1

000 142-1

Enjoy today's block -

907 184-1

Sally Post Floral Sampler Block 9

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  1. Penny from Canada May 9, 2008 at 8:08 am #

    I like this one too!![what am I saying…I like them all!] Sally Post loved flower buds as
    much as we do. Your “cherry baby” block is a real winner in my book. When I applique, I never remember to stitch with a single thread so my stitches are always “noticeable”. after seeing your beautiful, fine tiny stitches I will have to remember to do that and make my stitches closer together when I start Sally Post…thank you Gayle!!

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