Sunflowers for Sunshine


We just can't seem to warm up around here. We've been averaging about 10 degrees below our normal temperatures and I'm getting tired of it all. After a winter that seemed to never end this is not the Spring we were all looking for. We had one 70 degree day last week and the leaves seemed to pop out overnight only to be slapped by a couple of freeze warnings. Now they're talking about a "wintery mix" for the upper peninsula of Michigan. That's only 130 miles from me friends!

Today's block looks like a sunflower to me and I'm hoping it will bring lots of sunshine my way.

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Sally Post Floral Sampler Block 16

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  1. Penny from Canada May 16, 2008 at 9:26 am #

    well Hon, I wish I had better news from the “garden city” area of Victoria BC but it’s no better here. We pride ourselves in being way out in front when it comes to spring and here[80 miles west of victoria] we are about 6 weeks behind!!! I have tulips that just came out in full bloom in the front yard yesterday and the smaller varigated ones haven’t bloomed yet???They are usually finished by march 30th. I usually have my garden ready to plant and it is still in winter weeds. It’s just too cold to get out and get it ready. Then yesterday the thermometer went nuts and went to 22 celsius??? what a crazy year!! Hang in there Gayle, I think we are going to go straight to summer!! Love the sally post blocks and the “sun flower” is just what I needed after so many cold days…..

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