Great Coffee and a Fantasy Flower


What a wonderful way to start my Sunday morning! I have a pot full of Starbucks fresh ground coffee brewed in a "new, new" (that means new from the store rather than just new to us) coffee maker Kevin and Nicole gave me for Mother's Day. They were so sweet and took pity on me after I complained about praying the coffee maker we had would die. Ever have one that's so old it looks terrible, you can't read the water level marks even after darkening them with a Sharpie marker and I swear it took over a half an hour to brew a pot of coffee? I was raised to use it up or wear it out and not buy those kind of things just because you think you'd like a new one but I am really happy to say bye bye baby, good bye!

Today is one of the few days off I have and I'm contemplating how to schedule a trip to Grand Rapids and back in one day. I knew last fall I had a couple of teeth in need of crowns and one of them is starting to bother me so I really need to get that taken care of. Add the MRI and chest x-ray I need plus blood work and I'm wondering if I can get one side of my mouth crowned in the morning. Take a break to get the MRI and x-ray and go back to get the crown on the other side of my mouth done in the afternoon so everything is taken care of all in one day.

Today's block must be a fantasy flower. I've never seen cheddar and red leaves unless it's fall and then I doubt there would be a pink flower. I just don't know. I took a little artistic liberty with the block and added another layer to the flower and put a circle center on it. If you want to use the original design, omit the circle, outer flower shape and add the dashed lines to your leaf template so they meet the smaller flower section.

907 178-1

Sally Post Floral Sampler Block 18

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