Fishing for Applique in May – Block 20


The number of boats in front of the cottage are causing Clutch some great concern. He's very protective of the bass and bluegills who are bedding in the shallow waters. It drives him (and me I guess) crazy when the fishermen are coming so close that we have to spend time almost every day retrieving lost lures that got stuck in the trees, shrubs and on our deck. Getting the dock in the water will help but it's been so darn cold that I haven't attempted it. Once that's in, Clutch can charge out the dock barking all the way and they usually give up. Bass season doesn't open until Memorial Day so they're here a little early hoping not to get caught by the sheriff. Good ol' Clutch needs a badge!
I'm hoping Kevin and Nicole will bring Brandon to the cottage so I can take him fishing and hopefully he'll catch his first big fish like Ben and Alan did last year. Then I'll clean it and cook it up for his dinner. Doing something like that makes all of the work up here and time away from Rob and the boys a little easier to bear.
Enough with the pontificating as my Daddy used to say.
Today's block looks a little weedy to me. I didn't forget a flower at the end of the empty stem. I studied the background of the antique quilt carefully and nothing was ever stitched there. Don't you wonder if Sally intended it to be that way or just forgot until it was too late to go back and add something?

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Sally Post Floral Sampler Block 20

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