Crash – Bang – What a Chicken


How's the title of this post for making you wonder if I've lost my mind? I'm more than a little tired this morning after a terrible night in the woods. I don't like things I can't explain so when Clutch and I got back from Grand Rapids on Tuesday night to find the lamp in the bedroom broken and dangling by a cord I was a little puzzled. I went to bed early last night tired from the trip to GR and a slightly stressful day at work having half of the lights in the store blow out. At 1:30am I heard a loud crash, bang, bang and Clutch went into a barking frenzy. I froze like a pillar of salt in bed for about 30 seconds leaving brave little Clutch to fight the unknown. I finally summoned up some courage and ventured out from the bedroom to find a little shelf had fallen off the wall in the kitchen. Now how does that happen? Nothing on the shelf was broken but my partially filled Lampe Berger was dangling upside down still dripping it's scented oil all over a wood cutting board on top of the microwave and flowing onto the counter. I can't begin to tell you what it's like to clean up scented oil in the middle of the night. Looking at it again this morning, I still can't figure out how it fell. Both nails are in the wall right where they should be. Nothing heavy on the shelf. I just don't know. For now I'll have to add it to life's little mysteries.

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