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Here are a few close up pictures from Sally's quilt and some of my observations. The pictures of the entire quilt had too many shadows from the trees over the deck to I'm taking it to the store today and will spread it out there. It's the only place I have enough open floor space without moving furniture and that doesn't sound like fun.

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Most of the triangles surrounding the blocks are from this fabric. Luckily in this triangle only one of the print flowers has fallen away giving us a good look at the fabric.

000 008

This shows the two red prints used in the triangles and the double pink print used in the sashing and flowers. I'll have to go back and see if there's a pattern to the use of the red prints or if it looks like she ran out of the flower print and had to some up with a substitute.

000 009

All of the cheddar pieces are this adorable polka dot. The pink in the flowers is the same fabric as the sashing. The red and green are solid colors.

000 012

The second red print.

000 013

The only blue in the quilt. It's a darling sprig with a white dot flower.

000 015

Green solid color binding with machine stitching!

000 016

000 020

The only brown print in the quilt used for this bud and the black eyed susan center. It looks like a chocolate indigo.

000 019

Muslin backing

000 021

These little flowers were stitched using that dastardly red flower print and now have holes.

That's it for today. Here's the next block.

907 171-1
Sally Post Floral Sampler Block 34

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