I Was Wrong…..


When I spread out the Sally's quilt at the store last night I discovered a third red print used in the triangles setting the blocks on point. You'll see when I upload the full shots of the quilt the blocks with the second and third red prints are on the outside edges of the quilt. Did she run out of fabric? Did she decide to make the quilt larger? So many questions....

000 037

It's a darling, tiny, red, white and black stripe. Now I'll be on a search through my stash to find a piece matching the two red prints I have set aside if I decide to make the quilt in it's original colors.

We're down to the last two blocks. This one is my Traverse City cherry tree and I saved it until today. Enjoy!

907 165-1

Sally Post Floral Sampler Block 35

PS. I've corrected the Midget Block 72 pattern. I started to type seventeenth and must have had an attack on my "meno brain" and it read seventh. The block is in the 17th row not the 7th.

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