I think it started with the squirrel……….


I've been trying to remember when things started spinning out of control and think it might have all started the day I hit the black squirrel on the way to work. When I arrived at the store that day one of the girls who worked for me quit and most things since then just blend together. Fifty hour work weeks, hiring two new employees just as tourist season was swinging into full gear. We've been twice as busy as last year and I'm so blessed with the three ladies I have working with me now. They caught on quickly, have gone above and beyond the call of duty and are working full time hours when I hired them for part time. We are that busy!!!

I have not enjoyed sitting in the laundromat at 9:30 PM because it's the only time I had available to do my laundry and was out of underwear.

I have not enjoyed my glasses breaking in half and finding out they no longer make the frames so no possibility of ordering the little piece that goes across your nose.

I have not enjoyed (okay, I volunteered) driving from Traverse City to Petoskey and back after work to deliver giraffe purses to the store up there because we're selling so many you should be seeing green, yellow, fuchsia and turquoise trimmed bags running up and down the streets of America. If you've been quilting (which I haven't) and wonder what I'm talking about, here's a visual aide -

Giraffe Purse
I did not enjoy being pulled over by the county sheriff on the way to work for going a little too fast on the curvy road around the lake. I think he took pity on me handing him an expired driver's license, registration and several insurance certificates he had to go through to find one that hadn't expired. All the time Clutch is barking, barking, barking like a typical Chihuahua and I'm trying to explain why I haven't renewed my license.

Clutch did not enjoy the Blue Angels being in town this week even though I did.

Neither of us is very happy about the long, long lines at Moomer's Ice Cream now that we've made them famous. Wish I had a nickel for every time I've given directions from the store to the ice cream shop.

I have not enjoyed that they've taken my favorite Asian Seafood off the menu at Poppycock's restaurant. I settled for a Whopper Junior that night.

I did not enjoy signing on to upload the Midget Block only to find the server had suspended the web site because they received over 100 complaints from AOL for spam coming from the site. I was already trying to deal with the drug information someone hacked into the script but this, this I had no idea how to handle. Paul worked with technical support and magically after three days we were back online. Not much of an explanation except that they reinstated the account because the complaints had only come from one service provider. I'm afraid to send a newsletter and have a glitch with AOL subscribers.

And finally, I did not enjoy learning on Friday that the store I'm working at will close on Oct. 15. They are tearing down (or renovating) the 1863 building the store is in so out we go. It looks like I'll be unemployed.

Embroidered Spread
Through all of this I've been toting this pretty summer spread back and forth to work with me in hopes of tracing the blocks to share with you. I want to stitch it in pastels.

Thank you to everyone who sent notes and checked on me when the site was down. It's nice to know I was missed.

Guess it's time to put my big girl panties on, stop whining and make a plan. Things could always be worse!

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