Thank You – Quilting Survey Results


Your response to the quilting questions was fantastic. I tallied them all and clicked open the calculator to figure the percentages. Here's what you had to say:

1. Do you prefer embroidery designs you trace on the fabric yourself or would you like a multiple use iron-on transfer?
56% of you like to trace. 24% would like a transfer. 20% felt either one is fine.

2. Do you like to stitch your embroidery with floss or pearl cotton?
64% like embroidery floss. 8% use pearl cotton. 28% didn't have a preference.

3. If using floss, how many strands do you usually use?
48% of you use 2 strands of floss (I'm in this group). 32% used 3 strands. 1% do their embroidery with 1 strand. 19% weren't doing embroidery.

4. If using pearl cotton, what's your favorite weight?
50% of those using pearl cotton chose size 8. 40% use size 12 (I think this is comparable to 2 strands of floss. 2% use size 5. 8% don't use pearl cotton.

5. What's your most used stitch; backstitch, outline or stem stitch?
36% prefer the stem stitch ( I use this the most too). 20% like the backstitch. 16% prefer the outline stitch. 28% didn't have a favorite stitch and used them all depending on the design.

6. Do you prefer project based patterns or design collections you can use any way you want?
36% of you like projects. 24% prefer collections of designs to use any way you want. 16% liked both and 24% didn't make a comment.

7. How important would an iron on transfer be to you when using the Back Basting method of hand appliqué?
12% of you would like transfers for Back Basting and the rest of you need to try this method and I need to give you a tutorial to follow!

8. Do you like online swaps?
52% didn't like them. 20% enjoyed them. 28% haven't participated in one or didn't comment.

9. Do you like online weekend or day retreats?
52% liked online retreats. Single day retreats scored higher than weekend retreats. 36% didn't care for them. 12% hadn't participated in one.

10. Do you prefer to make patchwork or appliqué quilts?
32% of you chose patchwork. 16% preferred appliqué. 28% liked a combination of both. 24% liked them equally.

11. Do you prefer Books or patterns?
20% chose books. 40% (wow) selected patterns. 24% liked both equally. 16% had no preference.

12. Do you like patterns you purchase and download instantly?
I think this was interpreted as do you like patterns you purchase or patterns you download but 16% prefer to purchase printed patterns. 60% of you like instant downloads (wow again). 24% had no preference.

Thank you to everyone who shared their opinions. I'll be keeping all of those things in mind.

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