Trick or Treat Kids – Block 2


Clutch and I have the day off today so we're late posting today's "kid". I've spent a little extra time cuddling Clutch because he had a rough ending to his day yesterday. Although I'm still laughing about it, I can tell you he was in no way amused.
We worked a 9 hour shift alone yesterday at the store and I had lots of things I wanted to catch up on so that takes away from periodic cuddling time. We stayed late to sweep up all the leaves that blew in the door all day long. It must have been at least 7 PM and getting dark before we left.

I was tired and hungry so decided to stop at Scalawag's for takeout perch and whitefish (yum, yum). Some days Clutch gets really mad when I make a stop on the way home and he has to wait in the car for a few minutes. Yesterday was one of those days. He was yipping at me as I got out of the Jeep and must have decided to jump in the back to yip right after me as I walked down the sidewalk. I'm used to him doing that so I didn't pay any attention to him hoping that some day he'll stop if I don't make a big deal out of it.
When I walked back to the car with the fish I wondered why I wasn't seeing Clutch's little head pop up because he always hears me coming. I opened the car door with the smell of fried fish wafting into the car and still no Clutch. I looked toward the back of the Jeep at the same time I heard little toenails slipping, slipping on cardboard, a heartbreaking cry for help and saw this little head pop up from the dark. It seems when Clutch went barreling toward the back of the Jeep to give me his final words on my getting out of the car, he landed himself in the bottom of a cardboard box about 17" x 17" x 28" and there he was stuck! I've been bringing home boxes from the store for packing and how he ended up in there I have no idea. I couldn't stop laughing as I rescued him from this terrible trauma. I'm still laughing this morning - Clutch is not! I did take pity on him and wrapped him in his Minkee Blankee and took him in with me to make the night deposit. He got extra fish from dinner but I was surprised he wouldn't touch the whitefish. He'd only eat the perch. I decided if he wouldn't eat it neither would I.

He's been cuddled all night and this morning but it's about to end. The agenda for today:
1. Straighten up the little messes that have accumulated over the last couple of weeks.
2. Finish my Stitcher's Angel gifts to get in the mail to Germany.
3. Draw a couple more Trick or Treat Kids so they're ready to post.
4. Do battle with the mice I think are trying to find housing for the winter in the cottage.
5. Work on the Round Robin quilt I'm putting the last border on.

I hope you have a great day.

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