Trick or Treat Kids Block 3


A mother who came in the store last week. She had two very handsome boys and was pushing a pram with a baby inside. Rita and I looked inside and nearly fainted. I'll be the first to say that all babies are cute but there was a sleeping little girl inside that pram who was just downright beautiful.

I mean picture perfect beautiful like one of the Bessie Pease Guttmann babies! She was sleeping like an angel wearing the sweetest lavender gingham bow in her whisper soft hair. We are still talking about that little cutie and you could tell Mom was very proud. She had her perfect family and it was apparent she was grateful. If only all children in the world could be so fortunate.

Trick or Treat Kids - Block 3 (Free Pattern Link Expired)

Today's dress up kid is Baby, Oh Baby. She's got her arms outstretched asking for a hug. While working on her I remembered a set of vintage quilted bibs I made a few years back. I think the bibs are in Grand Rapids but I may have some of the patterns here. If I can find one I'll upload one of them later today. Right now I'm planning a trip up on the roof to make sure the gutters are clean. I think I may be winning the battle with the mice but time will tell.

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