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I woke up this morning to hear more disheartening news about the economy around the world and warnings of another crazy day on the U.S. stock market. Profits are down for this company and that one, job layoffs in the hundreds of thousands and I can attest to employers downsizing with my own job ending in November. My boss is closing two of our stores, hopefully just for the winter but who knows?
It's hard to not let all this doom and gloom get to you. I've always seen my glass as half full and hope I never lose that sense of optimism. Last night I came across a postcard that made me chuckle wondering what in the world the Palace of Depression could possibly be. It's an actual place, not just a state of mind. Who knew?

Palace of Depression

What does all of this have to do with the Trick or Treat Kids? I thought we could use a little boost of the American spirit so today's kid is my little Betsy Ross. Betsy was a bit feisty in my opinion, cutting the a five point star on a dare from the men who said it would be too difficult for a seamstress to sew. Ha! Tell me it can't be done and I'll do it!
Here's my challenge to you - many of the nations food pantries are in dire need of donations. Everyone has been cutting back, me too, but if each of you gave one box of mac & cheese or can of tuna for every Trick or Treat Kid I give you - think of the people we could feed. Don't I sound "preachy"? I don't mean to - it's just a thought.
I love sharing my quilting with you and my friend Brenda and I have often joke about how rich we'd be if we got paid for all the things we give away. We are rich, much richer because of sharing. Everything isn't defined in $$$

Trick or Treat Block 5 (Free Pattern Link Expired)

Have a great day. Paul and Angela are driving north tonight to spend the weekend here. They're going wine tasting tomorrow. Sounds like fun but Clutch and I will be at the store.

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