Trick or Treat Kids – Block 9 (Lazy Morning)


Clutch and I have been sooooo... lazy this morning. We've been snuggling on the couch for almost 4 hours. Clutch hasn't even gone outside for morning peepee and poopsy. He looked at the open door as I was making coffee but didn't move and when he saw me grab the remote for the TV he followed me to the couch, jumped up on my lap and spread his little body out.

When he is totally relaxed his little tongue falls out of his mouth. It just melts my heart which is something he's figuring out and will stick it out once in a while when he's trying to get his way. Paul snapped this photo as he was sleeping in my arms one day. Now isn't that just too cute?

Because we're feeling guilty for being lazy this morning I'm posting an extra Trick or Treat Kid today. The first is a bashful little Dutch boy and the extra one a bashful Japanese Geisha girl.

Trick or Treat Kids - Block 9 (Free Pattern Link Expired)

Trick or Treat Kids - Extra Block 1

I do have things I planned to accomplish today so I better get myself moving. I can't speak for Clutch. He might stay on the couch all day.

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