My Quilting Arms, Hands & Back Need A Rest


I've been shoveling, carrying, packing, dragging and trudging in the snow for two weeks but the end is in site. It's going to be a difficult ending I'm afraid. The weather here is making life miserable for everyone.

It just kept snowing and snowing and snowing until it was nearing the top of our 36" railing on the deck. I have an icicle valance across the front of the cottage.

This is one big icicle!

This is the sled path we've been using to go up and down the hill to the car. Coming down at night isn't bad but dragging stuff up the hill is hard work.
We had a big thaw yesterday with temperatures in the mid 40s. When that much snow thaws that quickly it turns into a deep slippery slush. I had a tough time backing out of the driveway and slid to within an inch of a BIG tree. I shoveled down to the dirt around three of the tires but luckily a gentleman and his son hooked a chain to the trailer hitch of the Jeep and pulled me away from the tree so I could get out. There's my guardian angel watching over me again.
When we got home from work I backed the Jeep in the driveway just far enough to be off the road.

That thaw turned to a nasty freeze overnight. The power went out a couple of times and I could hear the wind howling outside. Just looking out the door you can see some of the downed tree limbs. Don't know if I can move that big one.

The lake effect snow kicked in and the wind is gusting to 45-50 mph.
I haven't ventured up the hill to see if there's a tree on the Jeep but my boss would like me to try to get to the store today. Even though we closed on Saturday, there's a lot of packing and hauling of things from the basement to be done.
Right now I'm going to stay snuggled on the couch with Clutch praying the power doesn't go off again and waiting to see what the weather does. I'd load more things in the Jeep to take home but the wind chill is -3 below zero and lots of things would freeze by morning. What happens to hairspray if it freezes?

No matter what, I have to close up the cottage and drive to Grand Rapids for the rest of the winter tomorrow !!

All quilting time has not been lost with weather duties. I finished an appliqué block to include as part of the Midget Blocks.

I also used this block to do a Back Basting Tutorial for you. You should give the technique a try. It's totally changed the way I do hand appliqué and has made me love it even more. I'd like your feedback on the tutorial. It's so hard when you're trying to write something you already know how to do and are trying to explain it to someone who's never even heard of it. That's why there's lot of pictures!

Block 9 of the Sally Post Floral Sampler has been posted too so don't forget to click over there and get the pattern.

Rob's company has asked their employees to take a pay cut by giving up one days pay each week. Today is supposed to be my last day working if I can fight the ice, wind and snow to get there. Even with all the extra time for quilting, I know I'll worry about the financial responsibility taking care of the cottage brings. After being in the family for 54 years, spending my summers and honeymoon here, and my boys spending their summers here, it's woven into the fabric of my soul. I want it to always be here for my children and their children to come so I've shamelessly added a Paypal donation tab to help cover the cost of the web site until our incomes return to normal. Every little bit helps and my Daddy always said "If you take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves"

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