Hiding Under A Quilt


I looked at the date of my last post and gasped. It was nearly two months ago on January 2.

I'm sure many of you are asking the same question I'm asking myself:

"What quilt have you been hiding under for the last two months?"

I don't have a good answer for that question and can't quite figure out when the crawling under began. In my defense, I have worked a few days at the Grand Rapids boutique, traveled to Traverse City to attend a very unexpected funeral. I've made two trips north to staff the Petoskey boutique for a week or so.
I've visited the doctor twice and the dentist twice. My teeth have been cleaned and filled with one crown left to do.
The doctor visits have been a little more complicated.

This was last week - swollen, discolored and sore from carpel tunnel surgery.

Yesterday - swelling gone, bruised, but even nail polish remover won't remove the purple marking pen or orange stuff they painted on my hand.

The surgical tape fell off during the night. The incision doesn't look too bad with its cute little fishing line tails sticking out at both ends.

Not much sewing being done around here and the condition of my sewing room has been both a blessing and a curse to my attitude. It looked like this when I got home from Traverse City.

Look! There's actually a sewing machine in this last picture.

I wanted Kevin to have the larger of the two bedrooms downstairs and asked the guys to move my sewing room from that bedroom to the family room. They did a fantastic job but by the time I added the things I brought back from the lake a little organization was needed. Let's be honest here, a little organization was an understatement. How about a major purge!
I wish I had some pretty pictures of a neat, organized quilt studio to show you but we're not to that point yet. All I have are the shots of Clutch and I under one of our favorite quilts.
I have found some fantastic treasures and done tons of sorting, folding and organizing. So far I have three huge Rubbermaid tubs filled with things I'm either listing on ebay or putting up for sale in the Online Store. I'll put a link to the ebay auctions at the top of the page. I'm still offering free shipping on orders.

I really am healing nicely which is good because next week I get my stitches out, go for an ultrasound and then a biopsy to figure out why my last pap test came back with what they called abnormal endometrial cells.

Being unemployed does give you the time for all that medical stuff but the little unemployment check doesn't take care of the bills and it's tax time for the cottage with trillion dollar view.

Did I tell you Rob is getting me my own 'old blue chair' to sit in down by the shore just like Kenny Chesney does?

I know you have lots of questions and are wondering about the block of the month patterns and orders that are long overdue. I'll do my best to take care of all of that before Monday.

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