So Sew Easy Schlep Bag – Part 4


This seems to be the place lots of people get confused about what to sew together. I was scratching my head the first time I made a bag so don't feel bad if you've gotten stuck here.

We're going to be bringing these two strips together. The seams that connect the strips appear to twist around the bag after they're sewn.

Pin the seam matching the seams lines of the squares. Isn't it nice how the seam allowances stagger thanks to pressing the seams in alternate directions?

I know it looked like it those two seams weren't going to match up but it's the side of the triangle at the top that gives us the correct length. It's funny how your eyes can play tricks on you with things like this.

You will have those little dog ears at the ends of the triangles. They are supposed to be there. That's how you get the seam allowance around the top of the bag. Because we cut the triangles around the top of the bag from squares, the long edge is a bias edge. Take care when handling this piece. You don't want to stretch out the top of your bag especially if you're going to make one of the reversible ones where you'd be sewing a bias edge to a bias edge later on.

You can start stitching this seam from the triangle edge or from the point where it meets the "C" squares. Because we need to stop our stitching and backstitch at the point where the seam meets the "C" squares I usually look at the wrong side of my "C" fabric and "B" fabric and try to end on the side where I have a better view of the stopping point. In this case I have a better view sewing from the triangles toward the meeting point with my "C" fabric on top rather than starting at that meeting point with the floral "B" fabric on top.

Stitch the seam using a 1/4" seam allowance backstitching at the end of the seam where it meets the "C" squares.

You should have a nice floating seam where the stitching ends. Repeat these steps and sew the remaining three seams.

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