So Sew Easy Schlep Bag – Part 5


Isn't it amazing the results you get after stitching those twisted seams? That's when you feel like you're making progress toward an actual bag rather than a strange looking pinwheel with no possible use.

Hopefully your bag looks like this.

Now we'll work with the fabric and batting strips you cut for the handles and get started on those.

Fold the fabric strips for the straps in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and press to form a crease down the center.

Fuse the batting strip to the wrong side of the upper half (or left side if the strip is in a vertical position) of the handle aligning the edge of the batting along the pressed fold line. I used a press cloth when fusing the batting to the fabric.

Fold the top (left) edge of the fabric strip down over the batting and press to hold in place.

Fold the bottom (right) edge of the strip over to meet the edge of the batting along the center fold line. The raw edge of the fabric will be along the center fold.

Bring the folded edges of the fabric together, or almost together in this case, and press. I know you're wondering why the two fold lines don't come all the way together. I did this on purpose because I like a nice clean edge on both sides of the strap but also want the durability of the double fabric. If you'd like the edges to meet, cut your handle strips 1/2" wider.

Topstitch right next to the folded edge. It should be about 3/8" from the edge of the handle which makes it easy to stitch by following the seam guide on your sewing machine. Topstitch 3/8" from the edge on the opposite side of the handle.

If one row of topstitching on each side is good then two rows is better! I might stitch right down the middle too.
I've used several things other than fusible batting for stability in the straps. Denim, acrylic felt, wide elastic, flannel and cotton or acrylic webbing also work well.

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