So Sew Easy Schlep Bag – Part 7


I'm sorry it took me until Tuesday to get back to this tutorial but I had a feeling that would happen. I'm pretty sure you were able to finish your bag following the instructions in the pattern but I'm going to add a few more steps here just in case.

Turn the outer bag right side out.

Find the center point of the four triangles on top edge of bag.

Mark the center point with a pin on each triangle.

Center the ends of the straps, right sides together, on top of marked center points on triangles. Pin in place securely.

Baste in place 3/8" from raw edge.

Put outer bag (with right side out) inside the lining (which is wrong side out).

Pin around the top edge matching side seams on lining with intersecting seams of triangles on outer bag.

Sew around the top of the bag 1/2" from raw edge. I usually double stitch this seam for added strength at the handles.

Turn bag right side out through the opening in side seam of lining.

Push lining down inside of outer bag and press the seam.

Topstitch around top edge of bag.

Blind stitch the opening in lining side seam closed.

Enjoy your new So Sew Easy Bag!

There aren't pictures for those last few steps yet. The last couple of seams are pretty easy and it gives me the opportunity to finish one of the first Twists for you. I'm going to add pockets to the inside of the single fabric lining. I'll take some finishing pictures as I sew.

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