All Those Polka Dot Grapes Were……….


It seems I'm always so busy and it's been driving me crazy not being able to share my latest discovery on the Beyond The Cherry Trees quilt with you so I decided if those of you getting addicted too could follow me on Twitter I could quickly tweet about something new in just a few seconds.
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Well............. I couldn't get those brown grapes on the center block out of my mind so I cranked up the Ott light, got out some tweezers, a seam ripper and a magnifying glass.

I wiggled, twisted, finger pressed and finally found a section of brown fuzz that opened up and screamed -

Hey you, I was purple!

Yup, the coolest little purple stripe. The stripe was probably about the same shade as these reproduction fabrics.

How cool is that! It puts a wrinkle in calculating the yardage amounts for the quilt. I need to look the whole thing over again very carefully to see if there's more purple in other blocks. I'm pretty confident the blue vines are a fugitive green where they used to dye yellow over blue to get green fabric but you'd think there would be more purple than just in that center block.

I know you're all patiently waiting for the first block but I really want to get all the fabric requirements correct for those who need to purchase fabric or want to work with only one fabric for each color. I have finished the cutting layout for the background fabric. The pattern will be written with 11 yards as the yardage needed for the background but if you're searching your stash and cut carefully you can get by with 9 yards.

I will post the first block by October 10

We turn the page on the calendar this week and October brings us Halloween. It's always been a fun time at our house. Over the years I made so many costumes for the boys they started renting them out to earn a little extra money. I don't have anyone to costume up this year so I thought it would be fun to share a wall quilt I made a long time ago but still love. Here's a sneak peak...

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