From Happy Thanksgiving to the Black Friday Fight


I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family, friends and good food. It was less hectic around here this year although we had a few laughs over my turkey carving capabilities. I can wave a mean knife! We all settled in for after dinner naps and had turkey sandwiches before bed.

No rushing out at 5 am for Black Friday deals for me. I spent many years out on the hunt for the specially requested toys when the boys were young. At the time it was something I looked forward to and really enjoyed. This year I was happy to see at the stroke of midnight I could have ordered online most anything I felt I couldn't live without.

It was a restful day today organizing quilt patterns, putting away dishes and eating leftovers. Kevin was home part of the day. Paul came over this morning and Angela was here by afternoon. I feel lucky my family lives close by.

This is Clutch, the spoiled Chihuahua who has become much more suspicious and protective now that he isn't in the shop with lots of people around every day.

This is Pigs, Angela and Paul's easy-go-lucky rescue dog who loves everyone.

The peace and happiness of the day ended abruptly when Pigs startled a sleeping Clutch and being the barky Chihuahua he is, he jumped off the couch to nip at her heels. I'm sure Pigs was not expecting that so she turned around, grabbed Clutch by the head and pinned him to the floor. Clutch yelped and I went into Mama Bear Mode screaming to get Pigs out of the house.
Clutch was so scared his jaw was shaking and I nearly fainted when I realized I hadn't heard myself yell like that since Smokey (a cat we had years ago) lunged at Paul when he was little and bit him in the butt and thigh. I screamed then too to get that cat out of the house. Rob had a hold of him in a matter of minutes and we never saw him again.

No winners in this one. Clutch has a couple of marks on his head, some swelling and trouble blinking his left eye but I'm sure he'll be just fine by morning. I haven't found out yet if Pigs lost any fur or flesh on the back of her legs. I spent an hour and a half crying because I let my instincts get the better of me and yelled. Needless to say we're exhausted and it's nearly 1 am so I hope I can get some sleep.

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow!

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