I Should Be Doing More Applique


Some of us, (haha) me are still working on Block 1 of The Cherry Quilt. If I spent more time doing my applique instead of stitching over the quilting of an unknown quilter I'd probably be on Block 2. If I weren't ripping out her applique stitches I'd be working on Block 3 like the rest of you but Clutch and I can't seem to put that old antique quilt down.

I thought I'd share some random findings to keep you from getting too far ahead of me.

Here's the flower I discovered in the photo of Block 3

I've looked at the block from every angle possible and found hidden stitches on three sides of the pineapples.

This is the design quilted over the seam line between Block 2 and 3.

This flower is quilted on the third side of the block.

Now one would think if there's something special quilted on three sides of the block, something special must be quilted on the fourth side. If it's there I sure can't see it so I moved on to unstitching more applique.

One of the blocks has nearly every piece worn away. Most of the faded green fabric has turned blue and the purple grapes are now brown. In this block the fabric I figured would have been green was tan. I wanted to know if it was actually green, purple or did we have a block filled with brown dried leaves.

Here's the section I opened up. Darn, nothing underneath but a darker shade of tan.

I still think the fabric was green when the quilt was made but it sure is an odd duck among the other fabrics.

This is one of the flowers in that block. I believe it was lemon yellow and white originally.

So many questions, what a mystery it all is. I really should be doing more applique!

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