A Little Cherry Tree Quilt Applique


I've had questions from several of you asking how I'm doing the applique on my blocks for the Beyond The Cherry Trees quilt.
I've tried just about every technique there is but once I learned how to back baste I've been using that the most.

Clutch is always my happy helper and recommends if you've never tried back basting to take a look at the detailed instructions on how it's done HERE.
I always draw my patterns on tracing paper so I can easily see the reverse image of the pattern by flipping the page over.

I lay my paper pattern (right side down) on a light box. Then I center my background fabric (right side down) over the pattern and pin it to the pattern to keep it from shifting.

I trace the design on the wrong side of my background fabric using a marking pencil.
I'm sure some of you are wondering why I would trace the embroidery lines on the wrong side but it makes things easier later on. I add the embroidery after I've finished my applique so if I lay the block right side up on the light box, I can easily see the embroidery lines to mark them on the right side.

I'm working my reverse applique before I stitch the flowers on the block. It's easy to draw the center circle on a square large enough to cover the flower shape. I like to use Clover's white marking pen. It draws a nice fine line that's easy to see on most fabrics. My circle templates are Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley. It only takes eight little snips inside the drawn circle (just like you're cutting a pie) and you're ready to go.

Cut a piece of your flower center fabric large enough to cover the shape. Pin the right side of the center fabric to the wrong side of the flower fabric.

I needle-turn the edges under using a blindstitch with matching thread for my applique.

Voila! A cute little flower center.

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