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Just the mention of baby blankets will flood the mind with a myriad of thoughts and emotions. If you're a mother or grandmother your mind will be spinning with information at an incalculable rate. There isn't a one size fits all definition for the term, and it means different things to different people depending on where you live, the family you were raised in, even how you feel on any given day.

A baby blanket can be made from just about any fiber in any shape or size. It can be a single piece of fabric. It can be cotton or lace, stretchy or fuzzy, silky or shaggy, wool or flannel.

Some blankets, considered receiving blankets are typically about 30" square and usually two layers of woven cotton flannel or polyester stretch fabric sewn together with a simple decorative stitch around the edge. They're wrapped snuggly around newborn babies to provide the safe feeling of a nice warm hug. These are great to use in the first few months of a babies life because they're relatively inexpensive to buy or make and can be quickly washed and dried.

Crochet baby blankets can be both beautiful and functional. A loving family member or friend has made most custom color combinations and designs for the baby. They can be purchased in delicate crocheted pastel colors most often used for special occasions like baptisms and christenings. There are also beautiful hand knit blankets in addition to the crochet ones. They both look very much the same but were made using different techniques. You want to be careful with hand knit and crochet baby blankets if you're going to be using one on a daily basis because they typically have a more open weave to them than fabric does and little fingers and toes can get tangled in the yarns.

In our family every baby receives a quilt. Crib quilts are often referred to as baby blankets. The traditional size for a crib quilt is 45" x 60" which is perfect if you want a bedspread to fit a crib size mattress. That's quite a big quilt for a newborn baby and a lot of fabric for even a toddler to navigate around so I've started making or buying crib quilts no larger than 38" x 50" which is a more manageable size for both Mom and baby. A handmade quilt is the perfect personalized baby blanket. You can embroider the baby's name on the front or back. You can add the names of family members or record the date of birth, etc. A theme can be selected when picking out the fabrics to match the nursery decor or depict something meaningful to the whole family like a love of birds or flowers. It's not too difficult to find hand made quilts to purchase if you don't want to tackle the project yourself. Many quilt shops can put you in touch with someone who will do the sewing for you and I would think yarn shops can to the same for crochet baby blankets.

When you stop and think about it, baby blankets are the first long term tactile possession a baby has so chose wisely with love.

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