Shipshewana Amish 10 – 11 and Triangle Tutorials


I finished my two basket blocks from the Shipshewana Amish quilt and have been working on some of the other blocks. As I was sewing I wondered how everyone was sewing half and quarter square triangle sections together. I know I've tried just about every known technique and keep coming back to the same ones. I decided to share what I do with you because there's quite a few filler sections made with either

half square triangles


quarter square triangles.

There is a tutorial on making half square triangles HERE and one for making quarter square triangles HERE.

I uploaded the instructions for Section 10 last night and Section 11 tonight. I'll do my best to upload another section in the next day or two. Clutch has been doing a pretty good job of being patient while I'm sewing.

There have been a couple of times when he's decided enough is enough. I couldn't believe it when he climbed right up on my stitching on top of all the pins and needle while I went to get a cup of coffee and had no intention of moving when I came back.

Does that face not say "no more stitching for you!!!"

I think I'm liking it!

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  1. carol c June 17, 2010 at 1:19 pm #

    THAT FACE!! has nothing over on you-lol. that whole
    child is adoring, I love cats and have 3 inside, i still
    think I need alittle dog like that, but alas, i cant take care of him i bet. But yours looks adorable and
    he knows he is #1 despite the sewing, one of my cats stays close to me too like that. as for the “look” on his face, I think it says—I am king of all this and
    she better feed me-lol.

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