Midget Mania Block – 8 (aka Midget Block 100)


Block 100!

I never thought about the fact that we'd get to the 100th block while doing this Midget Mania. I imagined making a very careful selection for what would be block 100 but like most things in life, let go and let God. I'm thrilled with the little beauty that was next on my Midget Mania list.
When you first look at the block you think it's one you'd just rotary cut and machine piece. I saw those corner squares pop up on the cutting chart at 3/4" cut squares and decided that was smaller than I wanted to navigate and have come out accurate. The 3/4" cut size makes those babies 1/4" finished size. Yikes!!! Adorable but possibly aggravating so I looked at the foundation pieced option and it was practically perfect so that's what I went with. In fact, I think I could make lots of these blocks.

Midget Mania Block 8 - Magnolia Bud

Block 100

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