Midget Mania – Block 12 (aka Midget Block 104)


I'm giving you instructions for foundation piecing this block using a little trick I pull out of my magic bag from time to time. If you want to print a foundation pattern based on the finished block you'd either get an error message telling you it can't be foundation pieced or you'd have a jumble of weird sections. We're going to take a short-cut and make this really easy.

The center 4 Patch squares in each unit are a tiny (5/16"?) squares. The rest of the block is basically a traditional Square in a Square design. In order to foundation piece the units you need to get past that 4 Patch in the beginning.

Light bulb moment!

  • Sew the 4 Patchs using slightly oversized squares.
  • Press them nice and flat.
  • Insert a pin right through the center of the 4 Patch and then through the center square on the foundation paper.
  • Make sure you have the vertical and horizontal seam lines lined up, pin in place.
  • You can now foundation piece the rest of the section

Midget Mania Block 13 - Snail Trail

Block 104

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