My Final Day On The Amazing Quilt Race Shop Hop


I started my day at Renee's House of Quilting in Williamsburg which is just a little to the north of Traverse City. You have to watch for the bright pink mailbox on M72 to turn in the right driveway. It's not too far east of Turtle Creek Casino. One of these days I'm going to have to get one of the boys to go to the casino with me. It's hard to believe I've never gone there and plugged $20 worth of quarters in the slot machines.

I wonder whose big finger spoiled this picture?

There are some much nicer photos on her web site along with pictures of their new classroom.
Renee's is probably the largest shop in the area. Every corner of every room is filled to the brim with things you didn't even know existed. I don't know where she finds them all!

Just a few of the flannels in one area. There are so many cozy looking choices that I think I could plan several quilts without any problem at all.

Some of the novelty and bright color fabrics to choose from. There are sections for Halloween, Christmas, Seasonal, Baby, Oriental, Flannel, Batik and on and on. It's wonderful!

You never want to miss the opportunity to check out the bathroom at Renee's......

It's decorated so cute and you never know what you might find.

Just some of the batiks. And yes, there are samples everywhere to inspire you!

Some of the solid color Cuddle fabric. They cut their own Layer Cakes of Cuddle for quilt making.

Fall celebrations

A look down one of the 'color aisles'.

No matter what your favorite style of fabric is, a stop at Renee's is a must. Her husband always has a pot of coffee going and snacks in the kitchen for you.

I made my way back toward Traverse City to the shop where I spend most of my time and have attended classes. It's Quilt-n-Bee on Airport Road.

The windows are always decorated so nice and always reflect the season.

There are always beautiful displays and lots of the newest fabric, patterns and books to choose from. Clutch and I have spent many a Thursday evening at their Bee Creative presentations on the last Thursday of each month. I don't know how they come up with so many wonderful samples, techniques and new products to share. If you have a chance to attend one of the sessions I highly recommend it.

Quilt-n-Bee has been featured on the Moda Bake Shop site for their great displays of Moda merchandise.
They carry a great mix of Civil War reproduction prints, traditional, modern, batik, flannel and specialty fabrics. If you love sewing clothing for little girls you won't want to miss seeing their samples. They are the cutest I've ever seen.

I'm sure you're all wondering what I brought home with me from my visits to all these shops. I didn't really have anything I was on a search to find and no special projects planned but that didn't matter. I love quilting, fabric and shopping!

Pretty new reproduction prints

Awesome handles for purses or totes

Some Moda Bella Solids

A selection of batiks to make straps for a sundress

A black and gray polka dot just because........

Two pretty background prints

A few patterns

Two very nice books

I might use this purple print for the grapes in the Beyond The Cherry Trees quilt.

Beautiful turquoise prints!

Reproduction double pink and yellow green.

Quilt shoes!

Summertime Cuddle for.......

a new blankie for a special little boy.

a few pastel dots...

with a stripe and a plaid.

A gorgeous floral!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

I found a green that is almost a perfect match to the green used in the Potted Blooms pattern.

Looks like pretty pillowcases for me!

Just too pretty not to buy!

Had to have a little of this and a little of that too..........

Can you tell I have a 'thing' for polka dots?

I had to have this panel for a baby quilt. Doesn't the pup look like Clutch?

Going to try this new pencil. Maybe it was the polka dot paint job that convinced me to take it home.

One thing's for sure.........everywhere I went they handed out very nice free treats.

I started the race with my shop hop bag, passport and ice skate pin.

At every shop I visited I tucked a little plastic bag with a charm in it safely in my change purse.

Voila! Jewels more precious than diamonds!

A special thanks to Renee's husband for the pretty tote to carry my purchases in.

Did you know how perfectly fabric fits stacked inside these totes? This is one of several I purchased at Quilt-n-Bee last summer. I use them to take fabric back and forth from the cottage and to quilt retreats. There's plenty of room to stack more on top of what you can see in the picture. Love it!

Would you look at this! We already have pillowcases made.

That's it for the 2010 Amazing Quilt Race. I'm looking forward to next year already but am sure I'll be visiting each of the shops again long before next August.

Tomorrow is a sewing day for Clutch and I. We're working on a couple of new projects to share with you. You're gonna love 'em.

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