Acorns & Cherry Trees


It's hard to believe it's September! This summer has gone by very quickly. In the last week we've had temperatures in the 90s and then yesterday it barely made it to 60. The sky is beginning to get that look of fall and I've noticed some of the trees are beginning to change colors.

If you follow me on Facebook you might remember my grumbling one evening as I walked around the cottage.

It seemed like no matter where I walked I was getting acorns stuck in my sandals. It had gotten to be quite annoying. There seems to a bumper crop this year and they've been dropping from the trees for weeks.

I decided to make the best of things, put my thinking cap on and began to gather nuts like a little squirrel.

I've been taking those nuts and working a little magic and creating the cutest little felted wool acorn pincushions!

Aren't they adorable? Each one is unique.

Because the acorns are so large this year they are about 1" x 1 1/4" which is great for sitting on the table next to me when doing applique or embroidery.


If you find a double top it's a real treasure. I've learned they are pretty rare and usually a little smaller than the singles so these little twins are about 3/4" each.

In all my days of looking I've only found one triple top but it sure turned out cute.

After I made the first couple of pincushions I knew I couldn't keep this to myself so Clutch and i have been making daily rounds to collect the best acorns we can find and turn them into pincushions so you can have a little piece of the cottage too.

You can find the Acorn Pincushions in the Online Store - HERE
and the Acorn Pincushion Twins - HERE. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

It's time for the September Beyond The Cherry Trees block and this month's block is one that is still in pretty good condition as far as the fabric goes. I was surprised after searching and searching that I couldn't find any hidden stitches in this one. The block does have a lot of applique spread across it and maybe that's the reason our quilter didn't add any extra designs.

Block 12

Hard as I tried, I just couldn't draw a wonky squashed circle in another block in this quilt. I started with a 10" circle and added the flowers and leaves around it. The leaves even look like the oak leaves on our acorn trees.

Lots of little finger leaves

Not as thin on the inner flowers

It's a corner block and there are some nice designs in the border area.

That's it for today. You can get the Beyond The Cherry Trees block - HERE

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