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Yes, I know things are looking a little different around here. I can't begin to describe all the changes you can't see but I have to learn. It's a good thing, really it is! We've been talking about updating the web site for a long time now and a few weeks ago I decided what I really want to do with my time is to share my quilting with all of you. That is going to be my new full time job and I'm very excited about it. I know you have lots of questions and hopefully over the next few weeks I'll have all the answers. For now I'm going to try and look past the cosmetic things like block tables that aren't as wide as they should be or text that isn't aligned and focus on what's called 'content' in web site language. Trust me, everything is still here even though it might be a little harder to find for a week or two. If you get really stuck, email me and I'll direct you to what you're looking for.

If you're visiting again today I'm sure you've grumbled under your breath a few times waiting for the November block of the month patterns.

The hidden stitches in this month's Beyond The Cherry Trees block are really unique. It's a design I haven't seen so far in any other section of the quilt.

Beyond The Cherry Trees Block 14 Center

In this month's pattern I've given you a color scan of what the design looks like within the block. Our quilters had a great idea and only ended up with a couple of stray lines. Outside of the design she continued quilting with the little clamshells.

Other than the beautiful quilting design there isn't anything we haven't seen before in other blocks.

Block 12

This one is similar to Block 12 with a few exceptions. I thought this one would stitch up quickly with most of us working on holiday and gift projects this time of year. You can get the pattern for Block 14 - HERE
907 170-1
The November block for the Sally Post Floral Sampler is also available. You can download it - HERE

Time for me to get back to work. I'll be back with an update as soon as I can to share some of the new things I'm working on.

Clutch is pouting because he know's I'll be in Shipshewana next week at the Dear Jane Retreat. You know what that means - retreat reports, photos and videos from one of my favorite places.

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