Beyond The Cherry Trees – Block 17


This month's Beyond The Cherry Trees block was selected for two reasons; there are what appear to be heart shape calyxes on the flower buds and it looked pretty easy to stitch.

I imagine there's quite a few of you still stitching grapes from last month's block. The grapevine is one of those blocks you work on for a while and then just have to set aside and go back to later. You can only make so many perfect circles in one sitting.

Speaking of circles, we're almost to the time when I'll be giving you the border pattern so you can begin working on them as we finish the last of the blocks. If you want to start making the cherries for the border I have to tell you they are not all the same size. They're a mixture of 7/8" and 3/4" circles.

Here's your first quiz - can you see a design in the stitches?

With the help of a pair of reading glasses over my regular glasses we find a double flower. It's similar to other we've seen before.

See anything here? There's a treasure trove in this area.

There's one........

There's two...........

And three! I found with a simple block our quilter added lots of designs.

Do you see anything here?

How about this cute little leaf..........but wait.........

What do we have here?

A whole new design we've never seen before! I was just about jumping out of my chair as I was stitching this one.

Let's review. Going clockwise, in the upper left corner of the block we have the flower

In the lower right corner we have the little leaf and our new design.

In the lower left corner we have a final trio of designs.

I think this month's block is a real sweetie. Have fun stitching it!

PS.When you're getting your pattern be sure to check out the link for the Beyond The Cherry Trees Blog.

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