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I do believe the only thing keeping me from pulling my hair out over not being in New York to see the Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts exhibit is knowing I'll be in Shipshewana one week from today for the Spring 2011 Dear Jane Retreat.

It's no secret to anyone who attends the retreat with me that I love, love, love to go shopping. It's an art my Mother was careful to cultivate in me from an early age and I took to it like a duck to water. The photo above was taken inside Rebecca Haarer Arts & Antiques. I've taken quite a few pictures over the years but it's one of my goals to feature Rebecca's store in a video similar to what I'm sharing today. Official information for her store lists - Wide variety of antiques, American and locally Amish made quilts, rugs, dolls and furniture. Misc. antiques. Christmas ornaments. Quality handmade artisan goods. Those of us who shop there know it's so much more! You also have Rebecca herself who is a treasure trove of information when it comes to antique quilts and the wonderful community she lives in. Be sure to watch next week for her video. Until then, if you have any questions about the shop you can call (260) 768-4787.

I filmed these videos of some of my favorite shopping places at the retreat in November. I planned to edit and upload them as soon as I finished cooking Thanksgiving dinner so they'd be online for the holiday shopping season. I didn't plan on Mom falling out of bed, breaking a bone in her face. That took me right to Christmas and was followed by her passing away in January. Needless to say, the videos stayed tucked away on my iPhone until a couple of weeks ago.

Guess what? I need video lessons or practice or both! I have major notes to self for next week's trip.

  • Turn your phone sideways or leave it upright (I'll figure that out) so we don't have to watch skinny videos
  • Don't smack your lips when you talk (didn't my Mother tell me that?).
  • Learn to glide when you walk.
  • If you get winded, stop talking.
  • If you stop and have a conversation with someone it's going to be on the video.
  • Learn how to edit a video or pay a child to do it!

What can I say? I'd rather make quilts so what you see is me learning as I go along. Truth is - I do this because I love it. I adore Shipshewana. It's my Traverse City to the south. I'm not asked to do this. I don't get paid and I don't have a financial stake in any of the places I tell you about except to say these folks are my friends and I want to honor the great job they're doing while sharing what I think is some pretty cool stuff with all of you so...............

Our first stop is all about the quilter's heaven we call Lolly's

A quick trip to the lower level finds us at the Cuddle Corner where Lolly's is "making the world a softer place". If you don't have a cuddle quilt trust me, you're missing out on something just wonderful. Join Clutch and I for a tutorial on Friday.

Lolly's has an entire store devoted to their sale items. We all love to go fat quarter fishing in the boat at the front of the store. Take a look inside A Little Bit of Lollys -

A new addition on the last trip was A Stitch In Time. Do you knit? Do you have a quilt top you'd like to have machine quilted? This is for you.

Our last stop is at Sarah Davis Ltd. I've watched this wonderful shop evolve over the last few years into a must stop shop for not only the fashionista but the fashionista wanna-be too. Joanna and her staff have done their homework and brought the best trends in fashion to Shipshewana!

Those are my treats for today. I hope you'll join me next week when I travel to the Spring 2011 Dear Jane Retreat. I've been armed with iMovie on my phone so I can edit (maybe) and upload (definitely) a little bit of what's going on during April in Shipshewana.

Clutch and I are working on a tutorial for the cuddle quilts. It should be available on Friday so if you want to quilt along, give Lolly's a call and have them send you a kit. I'm working on one of the 60" x 72" quilts made of horizontal strips.

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