Clutch’s Favorite Cuddle Quilt Tutorial


When it comes time to cuddling Clutch is the expert. He has more cuddle quilts and toys than any one dog should own and he's never shy about telling me what his favorites are.

Almost every manufacturer offers the fabric used in these quilts, each with their own name, but it's all basically the same. I've bought pieces here and there over the last several years using them in different ways.

Clutch's boutique blanket was just scrap cuts of baby colors sewn together to make about a 40" squares. I backed it with a piece of just one color.

He has quite a few cuddle quilts that are cotton fabric on one side and cuddle fabric on the other.

How many is quite a few? There's four that I can think of. This is Christmas morning and we're laying on one and covered up with another.

I think his favorite right now is his mint chocolate chip cuddle.

It matches his mint chocolate chip donut bed. From the minute I finished making it he's called it home. His love for the green and brown is what prompted me to choose that color combination when I bought my kit at Lolly's to make an adult size cuddle quilt. They are 60" x 72".

Aside from this kit there really isn't much you need. I purchased soft Warm and Natural quilt batting. It was available by the yard so I could buy just what I needed for my quilt. You'll need a can of 505 Basting Spray too.

The first thing you need to do is cut the wide strips in your kit in half. Update: The kits now come with precut strips so no need to cut them down. Just open the package and start sewing.

Stack them up and gently carry them outside. Yes, outdoors is best, hopefully it isn't a rainy day. You can tell my the lack of green grass that spring isn't quite here yet but the sun is shining today.

Shake those babies out good and pile them back up. Remember, once you shake them, they won't let off fuzz again so your quilt studio will stay nice and clean.
As I was writing directions I got curious about how others were making cuddle quilts and did an online search. There's lots of great information out there! So much in fact that I came across a set of video tutorials that matched almost exactly the way I make my cuddle quilts. With all the quilting we want to do there didn't seem any point in me trying to reinvent the wheel so instead I'm going to direct you the wonderful series of videos from portersonline. Each one takes you step by step through the process. I've added notes on things I wanted to be sure you knew about.

Cuddle Quilt Tutorial - Part 1
This first video talks about your supplies and things that will make your cuddle quilt easier to sew.

Cuddle Quilt Tutorial - Part 2
The second video talks about attaching the backing to the batting. In the video they spray the 505 adhesive on the batting. I prefer to spray my fabric instead. I think it adheres better and the spray doesn't get lost down in the batting fibers.

Cuddle Quilt Tutorial - Part 3
The third video talks about marking the center of your quilt and attaching the first row. Marking the center is important especially if you're using a stripe backing like I am. Make sure to use either a washout marking pen or a permanent pigma marker on your batting. You don't want anything to bleed color when you wash your quilt.

Cuddle Quilt Tutorial - Part 4
The fourth video talks about sewing the rows. You can see how you'll need to roll up the excess part of the quilt just like you do when machine quilting in order to maneuver it through the machine.

Cuddle Quilt Tutorial - Part 5
The fifth video talks about adding more rows.

Cuddle Quilt Tutorial - Part 6
The sixth video talks about trimming. When she talks about trimming off 1/4" of the seam allowance, she's actually trimming away 1/4" of the selvage edge on the backing along the sides of the quilt.

Cuddle Quilt Tutorial - Part 7
The seventh video is Part One of binding with minkee cuddle fabric. There are some wonderful tips for binding your cuddle quilt using the minkee cuddle fabric. Trust me, watch before you cut your binding!

Cuddle Quilt Tutorial - Part 8
The eighth video is Part Two of binding with minkee cuddle fabric. Sew your binding around the all edges of your quilt before you stop and finish any of the corners.

Cuddle Quilt Tutorial - Part 9
The ninth video is Part Three of binding with minkee cuddle fabric.

I hope you have lots of fun making cuddle quilts. My only word of warning is they're addictive! I know you won't be able to stop at just one.

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