Shipshewana Dear Jane Retreat – Tuesday


It's was an unbelievable first day in Shipshewana. So much to see - so much I wanted to do - so little time! I actually got a pretty good start this morning and arrived here around 1:00 pm. Things have been a bit crazy, mixed up since then so this isn't in chronological order.

I'm glad it was still early in the day so I could stop by Rise N Roll bakery and pick up.....................

just a few of these yummy Cinnamon Caramel donuts. I've never had anything like them. They are just wonderful.

I've already seen some fabric I think Kevin would like for a either a lap quilt or one for his bed.

This might just be the pattern to use. I saw both the fabric and pattern at Lolly's.

I couldn't pass by JoJo's and The Kitchen Cupboard without stopping for a pretzel and a latte. I have to have a pretzel each day while I'm here and the latte? Two or three a day does a body good!

My first video visit after I arrived was at Rebecca Haarer Arts & Antiques. Tried something a little different and learned a great deal. 3rd attempt at uploading is going on in the background while I work on this - say a prayer! I met LuAnn and Pam for dinner at The Blue Gate. I had my first dinner of Liver and Onions. I don't even think of ordering it anywhere else.

Aren't these little cuties adorable. They have some darling gift items that tempt me coming and going.

Just before dinner I realized I'd forgotten the desktop mouse I use with my laptop. Never did get the hang of the mouse pad and I'm too old to add that to my bucket list so a Google search came up with a KMart in Sturgis, MI which is about 15 miles away so after dinner I decided to make a mouse run. The KMart was supposed to be on the left side of the street but just before I got there I noticed a Walmart on the right side. Whipped in there and 10 minutes later I was back in the car with a shiny new mouse. I installed the software and it seems to be working fine.

I spent quite a while trying to piece together the video clips I'd taken at Rebecca's and started uploading them. The high speed internet I'm used to in Grand Rapids doesn't live in Shipshewana. I watched television, ate the big piece of chocolate cake I'd brought back from dinner for dessert and started writing this post but finally fell asleep before the first video was finished. It must have fallen asleep too because this morning it was still trying to upload which isn't a good sign. I stopped that failed attempt and started over.

The morning is off to a rocky start; the alarm clock in my room didn't work and I slept until 8am. The breakfast room was out of bananas, muffins and milk and you're supposed to be able to get breakfast until 9am. I think I'll plan my own breakfast tomorrow just in case. Video #1 uploaded - yippee! Started #2 - keep praying

This is one of the beautiful crochet rugs you'll see at Rebecca's. It looks just like spring.

Here's a picture of the folded kit quilt I talked about in the videos. I'm in love with these quilts but then again, I grew up with them so they're like family to me.

Here's a closeup of the quilt hangers like I have. They really are a fantastic way to display your quilts without having to worry if you're going to damage them.

Woo hoo !!! Here they are...................the video from Rebecca's

I'm out the door for today's adventures.

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