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I have been thinking for weeks about the hidden stitches on the May block. On one hand I'd like to jump up and down declaring "I found the signature block" but on the other hand, I'm not sure. Working on the June pattern has gotten me "over it" just a little so I'm posting several pictures along with my observations and you can take a look for yourselves. Don't be afraid to share your opinion about what you see - we might figure this out yet!

This is where I thought I could see one of the heart shape flowers we've seen in other blocks.

I got out the magnifying glass because of some funny squiggles of stitching inside each heart shape.

The squiggles stitched with dark thread. I couldn't much sense of what I saw. I began to wonder how the quilt was quilted. Did the quilter stitch top to bottom or side to side in a frame?

Here's a look at the same photo with the block facing in three different directions. Now that I see this, maybe I should have added a fourth image with the block upside down but the squiggles looked most like letters assuming the quilt was quilted from side to side.

Here's the section with dark thread on the quilting. What do you think?

And....... a look at the other areas of hidden stitches in the block -

Lower right

Top half

I better get back to work on the June pattern. It'll be posted by the 10th of the month as usual.

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