Happy Birthday Pattern – Wurzburg’s Little Bunnies Crib Quilt


Today would have been my Dad's 100th birthday so I thought I'd share a pattern for one of the Wurzburg kit quilts. This one is kind of special to me. It's for the first quilt I ever made. I was pretty little when I told my Dad I wanted to make a quilt. He didn't say "go ask your mother", but presented me with some adorable bunny quilt blocks, a handful of shiny embroidery floss and embroidery chart.

You can use crayons (I recommend Prang) or fabric paints for the colored areas. You could also applique those sections. The embroidery is easy and don't be afraid to get more creative with setting your blocks together than I did as a little girl. In the 1930s they filled the plain squares with beautiful quilting and my mismatched muslin squares and yarn ties hardly do the pattern justice!

The pattern will be free until June 7 and then it's back in the Online Store. I hope you like Little Bunnies and pause a minute to thank Daddy, our birthday boy today, for saving all the great antique patterns for us to enjoy today.

Little Bunnies Pattern

June 9 2011 - Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I'm glad you liked the pattern

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