Beyond The Cherry Trees – Block 21 – A Beautiful Quilt Block!


I really, really like this month's block. It's a great design to showcase your fabrics, embroidery and applique talents. I tried to take lots of pictures to share different sections so you can take see for yourself.

Don't you agree it's got it all!

Amongst all the beautiful applique I could only find one section with hidden stitches to track down.

There they are all stitched again in dark thread. Let's take a look at some of the other details in the block.

Reverse applique was used on the compote for detail. You might have a beautiful floral print you want to use and won't add the circles and cutout at the base.

The reverse applique on these polka dots really stood the test of time. If you don't like doing reverse applique you can always add the circles on top. Remember, it's your quilt so it's your rules.

This funky little bird has embroidery around the outside edge of the applique shape. I'm not sure what the design purpose was of the embroidery unless it was to further define the bird's shape.

Beautiful red cherries! The circles are not all the same size.

The block had purple grapes on both sides of the compote. It's so hard to know how to draft the embroidered stems on the grapes. I think the quilter did the applique first and then added the embroidery where it looked like it would fit. Because the fabric has deteriorated it's difficult to get the same feel for the applique. I'd suggest sewing your circles (they are all different sizes) first too and then adjusting the embroidery to please the eye.

The grapevine on the compote is a tight vine which appears to be made from blue fabric. I believe it was a different shade of green, possible darker, which has faded to blue. Two of the fruits in the compote were from the same fabric.

This truly is a beautiful quilt!

Head over to the Beyond The Cherry Trees Page to pick up this month's pattern. Clutch and I need to work on the other blocks for this month for the Nancy Page Quilt of Many Stars and there's lot of work to do for the new Dream Garden quilt starting this month.

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